1. Explain me about your accounting education?

After completion of my matriculation, it was desire of my parents to become a doctor or engineer but I chose field of accountancy by taking admission in I.Com than B.Com, MBA(Finance) and more than half ACCA is my accountancy qualification.

2. Tell me what do you mean by vouching?

Vouching is the process of checking the authentication of the voucher maintain by the management with the respective supporting document.

3. Tell me how much do you know about our company?

Possibly the best interview tip is to research and understand the company, its products and services. Avoid reeling off a list of memorised information, and instead highlight particular things that caught your interest.

4. Tell me in your opinion, what qualities make a great leader?

MBA and Managerial skills which make me a perfect leader more and above I have a long range experience in audit field which make me able to direct my staff to go through the audit function & enhance the audit department performance to Achieve Company goals.

5. Explain me how to do an internal audit effectively?

With internal audit we always need to be careful of any manipulations within the company itself.Errors and frauds within the company cannot be denied /overlooked at any cost.

6. Tell me what would you change about an auditors role, if you could?

Having the access to all information at one site rather than travelling to other offices to obtain them, but I guess that is part of the job which makes it interesting.

7. Explain me would you consider yourself to be a trustworthy person?

Knowing the business of the organization and act based on the nature of the organization. Help management such a way by focusing the important issue which is required attention to the management.

8. Tell me some examples of managing conflict?

When it comes to conflict, what your interviewer is looking for is an internal auditor who can show a willingness to listen to and understand his or her colleagues' and employers' perspectives in order to work out a solution that is mutually agreeable. The key here is collaboration leading to resolution.

9. Tell me how do you manage a healthy work/life balance?

There is time allocated to both working and relaxing. And you also have to plan and organize yourself so that both do not suffer. You need to know when is work time, hours needed to complete your target, and any additional time needed for work. This will also applies to social life, getting the balance is key.

10. Explain about some recent developments within the audit industry?

This is a great opportunity to show an understanding of the audit industry as a whole, through ongoing professional development, keeping up with industry communications or through your professional network for example. Make sure your answer is as relevant as possible to the prospective employer and the role in question.

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