1. What is Cold calling?

Cold calling is soliciting potential customers who were not expecting to speak with you. The term 'cold' refers to the fact that you haven't laid any groundwork for your call. If you are calling prospects who have already expressed interest in your products, such as a prospect who fills out a postcard or website request for information, then it's referred to as 'warm calling.'

2. Sell me this .......?

This is a favorite sales interview question for trainee-type sales jobs. Sales interview answers to the "Sell me this product" question should clearly show your ability to uncover the customer's needs and wants, to select key features of the product and to sell the benefits of these features to the customer.

The benefits should meet the customer's needs and make the sale. A basic rule of selling is to sell the benefits the customer will gain from the product rather than the list of features the product has.

3. How to cope with rejection?

Say that in telesales, especially with cold calling, you should expect a high percentage of rejection. Explain that you never take it personally and simply move on to the next customer. Say that confidence is a vital asset in sales.

4. Do you like making cold calls?

Obviously the answer has to be yes. Go on to explain that you enjoy the challenge of calling a new person and trying to close a deal. Say that cold calling can teach you sales skills that can be transferred effectively to when you call previous customers. You can quickly learn to become better at sales when cold calling.

5. Why do you want to work in telesales?

If you are new to this career you can expect this question early on. This is where your preparation comes into play. Provide an answer that provides some personal reasons why you want to work in telesales and give a reason that is relevant to the specific job. If, for example, the job is with an insurance company, say that you are keen to enter the insurance industry because it is an interesting and constantly developing market.

6. How can a call be made successful?

Following tips can help in make a call successful :
1. Make sure the first impression of the call is good as it is very important for the rest of the call.
2. Be professional yet courteous.
3. It is very important to be a dedicated to a call, the opposite can be sensed very easily on a call.
4. Clear the objective of the call before you make one.
5. At times it is important not to sell over the phone instead connect with the customer and make the deal in the business place.

7. Tell me What Do You Dislike About Sales?

Any time you are asked to provide a negative trait about the position you are applying for, you should tread carefully. An example of an answer that effectively resolves the question is, "Walking away from a sale when I know the prospect could benefit from our solution." This answer shows you know that there are times where you need to walk away and show that you understand that sales is about solutions.

8. What are common ways of telemarketing fraud?

Following are the ways of telemarketing fraud :
1. Charity purpose.
2. Asking for advance payment or fee.
3. Fraud by over capturing increased payments.
4. Bank related frauds.
5. Lottery
6. False representation of office supplies.
7. False verification calls.

9. What are good telephone etiquette?

When attending a client or customer on phone some basic telephone etiquettes should be followed. Following are telephone etiquettes that should be followed by a tele caller :

1. Be quick in answering the phone.
2. Always make sure that the customer is greeted well.
3. When putting a line on hold take permission prior to it from the customer on the other end.
4. When transferring a call make sure you do it the right way and make it polite.
5. At the end of a call make sure that the customer is satisfied and does not have any query or doubt in mind.

10. Tell me what is your psychology of selling?

This is where you demonstrate your understanding of the entire structure of selling. Focus on your view of selling as a professional service directed at showing the customer how your product or service meets their needs and improves their lives.

Prepare a concise sales interview answer that highlights your knowledge of how to communicate and build rapport with a client, ask the right questions, identify and understanding the client's values, motives and needs, offer the appropriate solutions, handle objections and close the sale. Include adapting to different personality types and using persuasive communication skills.

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