1. Can you tell me how the employee reacted?

Keep all of these answers as short as possible. E.g. "He was upset but expressed his understanding and appreciation for how I handled the issue"

2. What do you mean by Collection?

It is the process of collecting money for a merchant against a draft drawn on a bargain hunter abroad.

3. Can you tell me how your supervisor reacted?

E.g. "As he often does, my supervisor expressed his gratitude." This answer implies that I must often do things that deserve thanks.

4. What is Certificate of Origin?

Certificate of Origin is a kind of documents in which the certification of the merchandise is made as the origin of the country.

5. Tell me what is Chamber of Commerce?

It is an association of businessmen whose reason is to endorse money-making and industrial happiness in the community.

6. May we contact your present employer?

"Yes. Provided you're offering me the position, I'd be happy for you to talk with my present employer." You would do well not to bug your boss with a phone call or e-mail to answer every interviewer asking questions about you.

7. Do you know what is Clean Bill of Lading?

It is a bill signed by the transportation company. Its work is to check the process of shipment in the good and appropriate conditions.

8. Can you tell me what year and month that happened and at which job?

This question implies that the company might be validating this information in some way, and the candidate could suddenly feel a bit of uneasiness, especially if the answer was difficult to recall or deviated from the truth.

9. What if we lost an employee and your workload temporarily increased?

I would concentrate on being as efficient as possible in order to perform all important work at my highest level. Do you have a high turnover rate here?

10. What kind of people do you have a difficult time working with?

"I enjoy a diversity of personality types, but don't work well with dishonest people who are not team players." Then before the interviewer has chance to ask tough questions about your experiences with these types of people, two questions you can ask: "Are your team all honest and team players?", or "Do you have any difficult characters in your team?"
Again, find out if they have a hidden agenda or skeletons in the closet, and move the spotlight away from you and this uncomfortable area.

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