Explain me about your previous work experience in customer service as Support Agent?

Submitted by: Muhammad
Yes, you could probably find this information on your candidate's resume-but it's most valuable to hear from them in person. This is because it gives your candidate the chance to explain the nuances of their experience, what their role was in their former position, whether they enjoyed it, and any information that they may not have included on paper.

Plus, not everyone will have previous work experience in a traditional call center or with live chat, and asking candidates this question gives them the chance to bring to light what parts of their former experience have prepped them for being a live chat agent.

The beauty of customer service is that it's a vast field; any interaction where you help fulfill and serve a customer can count as customer service. This means that you can find valuable experience in candidates who come from a number of other areas, including waiting, teaching, cashier work, accounting, healthcare, and more. A lot of good communication principles applied to other settings are transferrable skills in customer service as well.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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