Explain me what Are The Controlling Activities Of Maintenance Management Include?

Submitted by: Muhammad
Controlling activities of maintenance management include the following:

☛ Work Control
☛ Inventory Control
☛ Cost Control
☛ Quality Control.

Work control is done using work order system in an integrated data base system for controlling reporting and analyzing. Intelligent maintenance systems are developed and integrated with ERP systems are commonly used and proven to be efficient and effective.

Inventory control is an important element of maintenance management that ensures the availability of spare parts and tools in the right quantity at the right time. Ordering and re-ordering quantities taking into consideration costs and lead times are built into automated information systems to assist management in this task by raising red flags at reorder points.

Cost control involves tracing all cost components of maintenance activities that include direct maintenance costs, lost production, equipment degradation, backups, and over maintenance costs.

Quality control of maintenance work involves assuring that the maintenance work is following standards and producing the expected results. Control is done by the supervision and testing final outcomes following a predetermined control procedure.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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