Technical Trainee Engineer Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What is your knowledge of basic engineering principles and techniques?
☛ What engineering concepts are you familiar with?
☛ What are the softwares you use?
☛ Describe the engineering design process.
☛ Describe system and requirements analysis.
☛ Describe how to fix a basic LED schematic.
☛ Draw a bending moment diagram for a structure.
☛ Describe how to test a circuit board.
☛ How would you design a tower out of these pieces of spaghetti?
☛ If I represent the City of Sydney wanting to redevelop a landfill site, what questions would you ask of me to formulate your bid for acquiring that work as a designer?
☛ What is your knowledge of the Sydney basin?
☛ How would you help the issue of water scarcity in Australia if funding happens to be limited?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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