1. What are your plans for research?

in the next year I will be finishing up the revisions on my manuscript for x book which is due for publication on x date. I have several other projects on the go that I wish to pursue after that [give details]; if my funding applications to the x and y grant bodies are successful I should be able to see those projects to publication by

2. What is SOW & Action Items?

While the interviewer is at it, they may also be interested in finding out about your projects and your contribution to those projects.
Therefore, they may be asked questions about documentations such as: the SOW (scope of work) that your project had, Site Surveys Provisional Acceptance as well as the action items and tasks that were conducted.

3. Do you know Project's risk factors?

Every project manager is aware of the risk factors of any project. As a project manager, how did you monitor these risks during the project life cycle?

4. Tell me what is Team management?

One another simple question asked is whether you have managed a team directly or indirectly. The interviewer will also be interested to know how you have managed any project that is multidisciplinary, like matrix management or even cross country management.

5. Do you know Subcontractors, vendors and suppliers?

Another question that is commonly asked, due to the ever increasing boundaries of the business, is whether you have ever outsourcing works to subcontractors or with firms located in a country other than yours.
The interviewer would also be interested in knowing whether you were responsible for selecting the vendors and suppliers for your project.
(SOW and contract?)

6. What is Project's status information?

With the advent of the corporate culture, transparency is the moot point in any company.
Therefore, you might also be asked about the information that you passed on to the executives and other key management members of your company about the project.

This is not an exhaustive list of the questions that will be asked. There are several other technical questions that are asked during the project manager interview, depending on the job description and the elevation of the job title in the company.
Make sure that you read about the job description and job requirments well before you opt for a project manager interview.

7. Explain Project management tools?

One common question is about the various project management tools that you have worked with. One frequently used project management tool is MS Project.

8. What makes you different from the other candidates?

Although I am an all-rounder and could contribute to departmental life in many ways, I know that I have the international research profile that you are looking for.

9. Do you know about business management tools?

Other than that, the questions may also contain information about which business management tools, like SAP, ERP, BANN, etc have you worked with.

10. How would you contribute to the administration of the department?

'I look forward to having the opportunity to fully contributing to the life of the department. I have a special interest in the area of admissions/ exams/head of year etc'. I had some experience in this role at my last institution and realised that I have the skills necessary to do it well [name them] and actually implemented changes to their policy on x. However, I realise the need for flexibility here and would happily take on the challenge of any administration role that would suit my level of expertise

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