1. What are the basic skills of a preschool teacher?

► Be able to communicate through written communications and verbally. For example you can use: newsletters, notes to home, progress reports and referral forms.
► Be well informed about early childhood terms and expectations to communicate your ideas for families and children, and they can understand.
► Be able to use a computer as a helpful tool for record keeping of student development, time saving in curriculum planning and communication to families, etc.

2. Preschool Teacher interview tips part 2:

► Demonstrate a friendly attitude and extend your hand in greeting to the interviewer.
► Allow genuine enthusiasm to emerge when meeting the director and staff.
► Ask for a tour around the school.
► Listen carefully the questions and respond appropriately.
► Ask permission to take notes in the interview.
► Make questions and positive observations of the school and talk about how you will contribute at the school.
► Let the interviewer know your interest in the job. After the interview, consider sending a brief thank you note as a follow-up.
► Consider attending a club of speaker to improve for interviews and parent interaction.

3. Preschool Teacher interview tips part 1:

► Learn about the school history, the mission statement, organization structure and teaching philosophy. You can review its website.
► Search information about needed proofs for this job interview.
► Find out if the school is known by parents or students on other sites. You can read on-line and newspaper sources.
► Know the most common questions before going to the interview.
► Practice a mock interview with a friend until you feel comfortable.
► Ask questions about the school and your future job responsibilities. Keep in mind that an interview is a two-way process. They want to know about you and you want to learn about them.
► Dress comfortably and appropriately. Business Casual is recommended for job interviews. For women, long fingernails and high heels are not a good idea for a preschool teaching job.
► Be early at the interview and have a copy of your resume.

4. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 11:

► What areas do you need to improve?
► How do you communicate the progress of children to parents?
► What are basic tasks for a preschool teacher?
► Which are the skills for preschool teacher?
► What system do you use for evaluating children work?
► Which is the ideal philosophy of a school for you?
► How do you describe to your last principal?
► What are the best words to describe yourself?
► Why do you choose to be a preschool teacher?
► What is your teaching philosophy?
► What particular books do you include in your classes?

5. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 10:

► What is the most important thing that children can learn?
► What curriculum did you use above?
► How do you verify if a child is developing skills?
► How do you know if your teaching strategies are effective?
► What things can define the success of a preschool teacher?
► How do you know if you are a successful preschool teacher?
► Are you qualified as an excellent preschool teacher?
► What strategies do you use to encourage children to work in groups?
► What qualities do you hope in a principal?
► How do you handle children with behavioral problem in class?

6. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 9:

► What are you doing to achieve your career goals?
► What does PRIMARY CAREGIVER mean to you?
► How is it different among the different age groups?
► A parent comes to pick up their child and notices a bite received by another child, They become angry and demand to speak to the other child's parents. How will you handle the situation?
► A classroom is run on values. The values maybe designated by policy or influenced by the teachers and parents. What do you when a parent's different values interfere with classroom procedures?
► Is there anything else?

7. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 8:

► How are you qualified for this position?
► How has your education prepared you for this position?
► What are your strengths?
► What are your weaknesses?
► How do you feel your strengths and weaknesses influence things in a classroom setting?
► How would you try to encourage parent involvement?
► What are your career goals?

8. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 7:

► Why do you want to work with children?
► What was the biggest mistake you've ever made as a caretaker, or with a child/children?
► What do you feel qualifies you to care for children?
► Is there a particular accomplishment related to care taking of children that you are proud of?
► As a child, who were your biggest influences and why?
► What can you provide as a child caretaker that is unique or special?

9. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 6:

► What open ended activities do you do with the kids? what fun things do you like to do with the kids?
► How do you handle conflicts between the children?
► How will you involve different cultures in the classroom?
► How will you make parents feel welcome and get them more involved in the classroom?
► How will you incorporate learning during outside time?

10. Preschool Teacher interview questions part 5:

► What would you say to a parent who wanted you to make her child learn to write his name at age 3?
► What would you say to a parent who demanded to know what child hit his child?
► How do you help a new child separate from his mom?
► At what times of day should the children wash their hands?
► What's your philosophy of how kids learn?
► What would you do with a child who would not sleep during nap time?
► How do you handle a fussy eater?

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