1. Explain what is Thermal Conductivity?

The property of the material that relates to its ability to conduct heat is referred as Thermal Conductivity.

2. Do you know what is Wave-Particle duality?

When matter and light exhibits properties of both waves and particles, it is referred as Wave-Particle duality. For instance, Light can behave like wave when it shines through narrow slits while, when exposed to some metal surface it will spray electrons acting as a particle. So under different conditions it will act.

3. Explain the factors on which the velocity of sound depends?

Velocity of sound depends on velocity and density of the medium on which it travels. It varies directly as the square root of elasticity and inversely as the square root of the density.

4. Do you know what is dyne?

Dyne is a unit of force or also referred as C-G-S (centimetre – gram –-second). It means that when a force is applied to mass of 1 gram, it gives acceleration of 1 centimetre per second.

5. Do you know what is “Convection”?

Convection is the process of transferring heat by movement of heated fluid such as water or air. In this process, the heated fluid expands, and gravity pulls the denser masses under them thus forcing them into motion. One good example is a draft of lamps and stoves.

6. Tell me what is dark matter?

Dark matter is an invisible matter in the space that can hold the stars into the galaxy. They have no effect of electromagnetic force on it, which means it does absorb, reflect or emit light that makes them practically invisible.

7. Tell me what is Quantum tunnelling?

Quantum tunnelling is the process where the particle passes through an obstruction or barrier to reach at another end. It is referred as tunnelling as the particle as “dug” out the way through the potential barrier.

9. Tell me do you have any specific advice for dealing with panel interviews?

When you are being interviewed by a panel or a committee, it is vital to look at everyone as you answer each question. If Dr. X asks you something, state Dr. X's name in your reply but address it to all the people in front of you, not just Dr. X. Everyone on the panel is evaluating you and they each need to know that you recognize their presence and authority even if they don't ask you a question. You should also offer extra copies of your résumé/CV and publications list as you begin the interview. Smile and maintain eye contact. Finally, request contact information for everyone on the panel so you can write each of them an individualized thank-you note.

10. Why are ball bearings used in bicycles, cars, etc?

The effective area of contact between the wheel and axle is reduced

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