1. Explain what are your lesson plans aimed at?

All my lesson plans are aimed at organizing and leading school activities that promote physical, mental, academic and social development of each child, based on his or her ability to cope and learn.

2. Tell us how do you handle behavioral problems in class?

Students at the preschool level are in the initial learning processes which is why it is important for a teacher to come down to their level. I almost never reprimand my students for bad behavior although I do speak to them in a calm and controlled manner by explaining to them why they have behaved wrongly. At the end, I always encourage handshakes or high fives which helps in minimizing hard feelings.

3. Tell me isn't this work extremely challenging?

For sure it is! Working as a preschool teacher means that you are molding lives. And it is great responsibility. I believe that I am ready for this responsibility though.

4. Explain me what do you consider to be the role of parents in preschool?

As a preschool teacher you need to be able to balance the needs of the parents and children.

You want parental buy-in. Discuss how you communicate with and involve the parents including newsletters, notes home, progress reports, organizing family days and parent activities.

5. What are your long-term goals as Preschool Teacher?

This question is being asked to gauge your commitment to the school district, as well as what your objectives are as a teacher. It also wonders whether you are goal-oriented or not. For a question such as this, it helps if you have a five-year plan in place. It also helps if you have a goal as a teacher but also a vision for the school, so doing some research beforehand may help. When answering this question, always focus on how your goal-oriented tasks will benefit the school and the students.

6. Tell us what do you consider your strengths as a preschool teacher?

Possible strengths include the ability to observe each child keenly and objectively in order to best meet each individual needs, planning and organizational skills to ensure the day is a productive as possible, strong communication skills to build positive relationships with each child, dedication, flexibility, energy and creativity, high levels of patience and a good sense of humor!

7. Explain me what is your method to incorporate play into regular school work?

I am all for incorporating play into regular school work which makes the latter interesting for young students. I use technology, usually smart boards, to help me do this, along with making sure that I bring in as much interactive activities as possible.

8. Why do you want to work for our school as Preschool Teacher?

This is a fairly obvious question, and the answer to answering this question successfully lies of research you do to prepare yourself in advance. Be sure to know about the school district, the needs of the school, the successes of the school, the faculty, the board, the educational vision that the school promotes, the reputation, demographic, activities and neighborhood. Have some sense of what the school struggled with but also have excelled in to provide a balanced vision of your own that would be a good fit at this district.

9. Explain me your approach to classroom management?

Possible answers to this type of preschool teacher interview question include:

"Managing a class full of preschoolers is challenging, I have to gain their respect and ensure appropriate behavior without intimidating them. A successful approach is to control the classroom while keeping things educational, enjoyable and encouraging.

I achieve this through excellent organization of both learning activities and the learning environment. The classroom is a supportive and structured environment where children learn while having fun."

10. Explain me what defines success for you as a preschool teacher?

Children in their formative years require more out of a teacher than others. The interviewer wants to find out if you have any goals or takeaways for your preschoolers.

"I have a few goals I aim to achieve that allow me to measure my success as well. First, my overall objective is to instill a positive attitude towards education. Second, I strive to build independence and confidence in my preschoolers so that they use their full potential. Lastly, I teach my students to celebrate their differences and interact positively with one another. If they walk away with at least a little of each aspect, then I feel as though I have succeeded in my role."

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