1. Tell me how do you go about selling equipment?

► Always talk to the Principal for direction.
► Small items can be advertised through newsletters to parents.
► Otherwise tenders etc are used.
► The Principal will let you know the protocols.

2. Typical head teacher interview questions part 3:

► What are the challenges and opportunities of becoming an academy?
► How do you reconcile demands of government policy with your own educational beliefs e.g. English Bacc; Wolf Report
► How personal strategic leadership or intervention have resulted in significant school progress?
► Describe how you have contributed to school self evaluation and led improvement initiatives arising from the SEF?
► Describe the key skills and attributes that you believe you can bring to this role?
► Convince me that you have sufficient leadership experience to be offered this post.
► Does an SLT member need to have been a highly effective teacher? Discuss.
► Describe the thought processes you follow when deciding what responsibilities you can or can't delegate to others?

3. Typical head teacher interview questions part 2:

► What is your understanding of a "learning community" and how would you contribute to and sustain such a feature?
► How have you involved governors in your work at school?
► How much influence should local community representatives have in the strategic direction of a school?
► How as an SLT member would you measure the impact of strategies linked to using pupil premium money?
► Describe a specific example of how you have used Raise Online strategically ?
► How would you go about contributing to improving the effectiveness and good communication within the leadership team?
► Describe an example of how you have line-managed an underperforming teacher. What were the outcomes?
► Describe your understanding of coaching and how you have used it effectively to develop colleagues?

4. Typical head teacher interview questions part 1:

► Why is it important for all members of the SLT to be self-aware of their own leadership style and of their strengths and weaknesses?
► Describe a time when you have been so motivated to achieve a goal that it helped inspire those around you?
► How would you define the term "resilience"? Describe a time when you have demonstrated resilience in your career?
► Describe an example of when you adopted an innovative approach to solving a school improvement issue?
► If instead of this vacancy, you were offered an SLT role in your current school, what changes would you look to implement?
► When seeking to influence stakeholders in the school, how do you try and understand the needs and motivations of the other parties?
► What should an SLT focus on as priorities in their strategic plan?
► Describe a time in your career when you have modelled excellence in classroom teaching?

5. Tell me how do you introduce change without upsetting the staff?

► Don't rush in.
► Listen to staff to see what they want.
► Entice staff that are keen for change to come on board.
► Model the change if possible.
► Put time limits on requirements, i.e. programs.
► Survey kids about what they like in the classes.
► Establish routines for faculty meetings etc.

6. Tell me how do you manage and maintain equipment?

► Do a safety check at the beginning of each lesson.
► Ensure tool cupboards etc are fully stocked.
► Put in place subject/room managers who supervise the rooms/programs.
► Close the rooms down at the end of each term (3 to 5 days) to allow maintenance to be completed. Get the students involved in repairing equipment etc. Sand benches down and coat in a finish - tung oil is very good. Reward them for this, radio on, BBQ.
► Set up a system where equipment to be repaired or replaced is listed on a whiteboard or similar.
► Do a safety/room check at the end of each lesson.

7. What personality and motivation you have?

Your reasons for applying or for choosing your subjects and how well you can manage classroom behavior and difficult pupils.
For Head Teacher positions, you should expect questions exploring your leadership skills, your ability to motivate and develop your staff, your capacity to build relationships and your financial and operational management skills.
Expect 3-4 questions on each area along with questions relating to your understanding of issues facing the Education Sector and targets as they impact on your school, college or academy.

8. Tell me your core competencies?

This relates to key skills required such as your ability to have good time management, to work in or manage a team, to demonstrate effective communication, classroom management skills, lesson planning etc.

9. What are your teaching skills and experience?

The interviewer will ask questions based on your experience as shown on your CV.

10. What are training and qualifications based questions?

In this category you should expect questions exploring your training and your understanding of best practice, governance and targets.

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