1. What is a curator?

A person who oversees and manages a museum and its collections

The curator is an expert in her field.

2. Tell me what is a collection?

A group of accumulated paintings, documents, or artifacts grouped together by a particular theme

The British Museum collection totals at least 8 million objects.

3. Tell us what resources do you use primarily to develop your educational lectures?

I have a plethora of informational resources such as books, old letters and documents, and periodicals to help me with my research work. I also keep closely in contact with historical scholars, so that I can have access to verified information.

4. What is cultural?

Relating to the arts and to intellectual achievements

Visiting a museum is an example of a fun cultural activity.

5. What is a tour guide?

A person employed to show tourists around places of interest

Our tour guide was very informative!

6. Tell us what is your particular way for leading specific groups of visitors on museum tours?

I have a set pattern upon which I create, develop and implement educational programs. Based on these, I lead visitors through museum sections, providing them with information on displays, and the histories and culture connected with them.

7. Tell us what can you bring to our school that makes you unique?

This question is pretty straight forward, and the perfect opportunity for you to really let your unique qualities shine. Talk about activities you've participated in or passions you have that can easily translate into teachable moments and classroom activities that fall outside the usual curriculum that is currently being enacted. Don't criticize what they're doing, but explain how what you're bringing will augment and compliment what they've already got in place.

8. What is museum curator?

A person who oversees the operation of a museum

9. What is an artifact (artefact - UK)?

An object made by a human being, of cultural or historical interest

By exhibiting artifacts from the past, museums can teach us a lot about different periods in history.

10. What is artifacts?

Anything made by man, especially something useful

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