1. Tell me why do you want to be a teacher?

You need to give evidence that teaching is your first choice, not a plan B. Tell them about your motivation and aim to show your passion for teaching. Provide good examples from your time in school and the specific teaching elements that you find satisfying. Avoid broad responses such as 'I have always wanted to be a teacher'.

2. Tell me how do you integrate your class with the school as a whole?

One thing I have done is to pair up my younger students with older buddies. They get together a few times a month for an academic activity or art project. Also our school has a lot of whole school activities so of course we participate in those.

3. Tell me in your opinion what do students look for in their teacher?

Students look at their teachers as role models and person who can guide them better for a bright future. As a role model the teacher should infuse positive attitudes towards life and encourage them to be good citizens contributing to the nation and society.

4. Tell me are you good at organising yourself and other people?

The interviewer(s) is looking for a well-organised person who can act as a teacher's aide. A successful candidate should be able to illustrate their organisational skills, based upon teaching experience or otherwise.

5. Explain me what experience do you have in schools?

Use evidence from your teaching practice, work in school or observing in a school before your interview. Describe the school and reflect on your learning as well as what interested or surprised you. You can also talk about experience in other settings and with different age ranges than those you're applying to teach in such as nurseries, youth clubs or playschemes.

6. Do you know what is the meaning of a primary caregiver to a child?

this is a term used instead of ‘mother' or ‘father', as many children today are raised by one parent or another person entirely, be it relative or friend. This term avoids calling attention to each child's state. If there are children in the class whose primary caregiver is not the mother, sensitivity and forethought will allow you to tell all kinds of stories without upsetting or embarrassing children.

7. Tell me why are you looking for a change from your current institution?

I have been working with the current institution for the last X years and it has always been a learning experience all the while. But feel that I am entering the comfort zone and hence change is a must to ensure there is some professional development.

Looking for a new and challenging work environment where enhancing my existing skills is a must.

8. Explain about your classroom management style?

Your answer should demonstrate how you achieve effective student management and control. Include aspects such as monitoring, modeling, environmental control and reinforcement. Explain how you are able to adapt your style according to the situation. Provide examples.

9. Tell me how do you evaluate your own teaching performance?

I keep a reflective journal. I write in it at least once a week and reflect on a lesson I taught that week or something that happened in the class and how I handled it. I started this during student teaching and have done one both years I have taught. It's a great way for me to reflect on my successes and think about how I can improve my teaching. It also lifts me up when I reread it on days things have not gone well.

10. Tell me what qualities in you made you choose teaching as a profession?

Education is the key for the development of the society and teaching is profession where a continuous learning and sharing of knowledge happens. Personally am a very enthusiastic learner and a good communicator with a strong zeal to do contribute to the society. Hence chose this profession to enlighten the young minds and drive them for a better life.

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