1. Tell me what is mole?

Mole is the unit used to define the number of chemical substance present in a substance. It is the amount of substance which consists of the same number of chemical units as there are atoms in exactly 12 gram of pure carbon-12.

2. Explain what is Valency?

A valency is a property of a groups or atoms, equal to the number of atoms of hydrogen that the group or atom could combine with or displace it in forming compounds.

3. Explain me what qualities do you look for in a principal?

This kind of question is made in order to ask your opinion about a successful principal and which qualities that a teacher and a principal must have. Having a vision and a clear goal, planning and motivating, communicating and visibility, consistency and accountability, caring, nurturing and developing staff and students are the qualities which must be concentrated on.

4. Do you know what makes a molecule into organic molecule?

In a molecule when hydrogen atom is less than the ratio of carbon atom, then such molecules are referred as an organic molecule.

5. Tell me what are your personal and professional goals?

Teachers who are also learners themselves are being looked for by many schools. Show your goals that deal with self- improvement in the teaching skills and the profit which the students, the school and the community can get. Think twice before entering an interview so you can present your goals easily and fluently when being asked.

7. Tell me why graphite rod is used in nuclear reactor?

Graphite rod is used in nuclear reactor to convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons.

9. Explain what is the difference between Molarity and Normality?

Both techniques are used to the amount of chemical present in the solution. However they are almost similar but differs in

☛ Molarity is used to know the total amount of molecules in a 1 litre solution
☛ It is expressed as moles of a compound per litre of solution

☛ Normality is used to know the total number of reactive units in 1 litre of solution
☛ It is expressed in equivalent per litre