1. Please explain me the difference between risk assessment and incident investigation?

Risk assessment is conducted before an incident has occurred with the aim of avoiding any incident in the first place while incident investigation is done after an accident has occurred to determine its causes and avoid its repetition in the future.

2. Tell us what Precautions Are Need To Avoid Accident In Manhandling?

☛ Stand at safe distance from the load
☛ Sharp edge and burns are removed before lifting a material.
☛ PPE such as safety gloves and safety shoes are to be used.
☛ If the weight is too heavy for one person to lift, then he has to seek the assistance.
☛ The pathway is not blocked by obstacles while carrying the load.
☛ The different actions, movements and forces necessary while carrying the load.
☛ Modify the task by using hooks and crow bars.
☛ Mechanical equipments like cranes shall be used.
☛ Modify the objects
☛ Change the way things are used.

3. Explain me what Are The Pre Cautions For Welding?

☛ Remove all combustion material from the place of welding
☛ Clear the work area and cover wooden floor with fire proof mats. ( Welding mechanic should be kept with in the visibility of the welders.
☛ Erect fire resistance screen around the work
☛ All welding cables should be fully insulted
☛ All welding mics shall be double earthed
☛ Welding area should be dry and free from water
☛ Keep the fire extinguisher / sand really

4. Tell me what Is Safety?

☛ It is a condition which gives you freedom from hazard, risk, accident which may cause injury, damage and loss to material or property damage and even death.
☛ Safety is defined as freedom from those condition that can cause injury to persons including death or damage to property or environment.

5. Please explain what Is Scaffolding?

It is a temporary platform constructed for supporting both men and materials and working safety at a construction site.

6. Can you explain me what Is Confined Space?

An area which is small and enclosed or an area where one entry and exits or where a man cannot work comfortable in any location is caused confined space.

7. Tell me what Is House Keeping?

House keeping means not only cleanness but also orderly arrangement of operations, tools, equipments storage facilities and suppliers.

8. Please explain what parameters determine ‘work at height'?

Any task that is required to be performed at a height of 2m or more above ground level is considered as a ‘work at height' situation.

What is the biggest hazard in construction and what can be done to remove it?
Biggest hazard that applies to construction sites is that of collapse. This is avoided through proper and secure scaffolding at sensitive structural points.

9. Explain me how would you define safety and its relevance to real time situations?

Safety is a condition which provides you freedom from risk. While most people say safety and think “people”, it is not just about people. It is also about buildings and assets. Real time situations that may warrant safety include physical hazards such as fire, natural calamities, intended harm and emergencies.

10. Tell me what Are The Duties Of A Safety Officer?

☛ Prepare tool box talk
☛ Prepare monthly statistics
☛ Prepare the checklist
☛ Accident reports
☛ Management meetings
☛ Arrange the safety classes/training
☛ Arrange monthly safety bulletin
☛ Inspection of fire extinguisher
☛ Arrange first aid training classes
☛ Arrange safety competitions like quiz, slogan, poster competitions exhibition etc.

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