1. So tell me about yourself?

Although much of what they have accomplished is listed on the applications, this opportunity to share tells me a little about them and makes them feel welcome. It's good for me to know about their background and interests when I am introducing them to teachers on the staff. Additionally, this informal chatter gives me insight into how the candidates present themselves. I am looking more for their composure than for any particular answers.

2. Tell me how you would plan a program for your grade or subject?

About your knowledge of the curriculum - overall and specific expectations.

3. Explain how would you plan for a special needs student?

The rights of an exceptional child to a specialized program: IPRC, IEP, Annual Review

4. Tell me how would you deal with a disruptive student in your class?

Preparation to set up a positive classroom environment to minimize concerns: clear expectations, routines,, procedures, developed with student input, clear level of respect for each other, understanding consequences and applying them consistently.

5. Explain me how you develop your daily lesson plan and what do you include?

I typically plan lessons weekly based upon what the content for that unit looks like, what learning styles are present in the class and what modifications have to be made in order for all students to succeed.

6. Tell me how would you work with the parents of an exceptional student?

earning styles, exceptionalities, accommodations, modifications.

7. Tell me why do you want to work at this school?

I researched the school prior to submitting my resume and I immediately noticed that you focus on exellence for every student every day and that means students are familiar with having high expectations set by the school. That is my style.

8. Tell me what are your career goals as a teacher?

I would like to be one of those teachers who some day gets visits from previous students. That must be pretty rewarding: to know, definitively, that you've had a profound and positive impact on your kids' lives.

9. Tell me in what way is a file more flexible than a String?

A file is stored permanently in a storage device.It is easy to access a file whenever required. On the other hand, a string is stored temporarily in RAM, and the contents of a string will be erased automatically when the power is switched off or when the program execution is terminated.

10. Tell me what strategies would you use to help struggling students?

Everyone learns differently and the great teachers are not the ones who help the students who get it easily but the ones who help the struggling students.

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