1. What is conductive hearing losses? What causes such hearing impairment?

Hearing loss that is caused by a problem in the middle or external ear are called conductive hearing losses. Such difficulty in hearing occurs when problem lies in the conduction of sound to the cochlea.
The cause of such impairment is
☛ Excessive wax in the ear canal
☛ Fluid accumulated in the ear due to infection
☛ Discontinuity between the ossicles

2. Can you explain what does your work entail?

First I consult with my patient about their lifestyle and what specific situations they're having difficulty communicating in. Next I examine their ears and ear canals to rule out any medical conditions, and then I perform a comprehensive audiological evaluation to map their hearing and measure their ability to understand speech under various listening conditions. Finally, I review the test results with the patient and settle upon a treatment option.

3. Explain what education, schooling, or skills are needed to do this?

Audiology requires a bachelors degree and four-year doctoral program. One important necessary skill is communicating well with others, since it's a people-centered profession. You do need lots of patience as well since you often have to reinstruct patients several times on the same issue (how to put in batteries, etc.).

4. What is your greatest benefit to helping others hear better?

My greatest benefit is knowing that I have improved their quality of life. It makes me feel good knowing that I have given them something back which they had lost.

5. Tell me what do you dislike in Audiology?

I don't like dealing with insurance companies. It's difficult to get clear answers regarding how much they will cover for a specific patient or procedure, and they often take quite a while to pay us.

6. Tell us a hearing conservation program you have implemented?

Well, During my bachelors at college, we arranged a hearing screening camp and counselled a group of workers working at some industries about the hazardous effect of noise on their hearing and lifestyle.

7. Tell me what else would you like people to know about your job/career in Audiology?

I really enjoy audiology, and find it to be a rewarding profession. It's a nice blend of technology and people.

8. Explain how did you get started?

I wanted to be in a profession where I could help people, and my undergraduate degree is in communicative disorders (speech pathology). I really enjoyed my audiology classes (audiology and speech pathology are related fields and we cross-train to some extent), so I changed to audiology for my graduate degree.

9. How much money did/do you make starting out as an Audiologist?

Starting salaries are in the range of $42,000 per year and up. I made around $20 per hour when I started back in the 1980â€ēs.

10. Tell me how do you market yourself? To reach new patients?

I will tell my patient that I will do my best for their improvement and I will do my best for them. I believe in mouth publicity.

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