1. Explain what strategies do you apply to keep yourself organized?

I am an inborn manager and usually enter my workstation pre-organized. To ensure organization at work, I always send requisition for supplies needed at least one day in advance, and I always pay particular attention to prep work. Things are least likely to go wrong at a cooking station if the prep targets are achieved well in time.

2. Explain about some of the duties that you performed every day?

This question is aimed at finding out how much you know about your work and what experience you have had previously. Be precise but make sure that you provide information on essential tasks.

3. Can you work under pressure and deadlines as Hospital Cook?

This question usually indicates that pressure is a feature of the job. Use examples from your work, school, and personal life to illustrate your ability to handle pressure and deadlines.

4. Explain about a crisis you encountered at work and how you handled it?

When guest order something that takes up to twenty minutes to cook and they need it in five minutes time I had to rush and get my supervisor so he or she could talk to them and they don't even realise its up to the tweny minutes.

5. Can you share a significant achievement you have made as a line cook previously?

I contributed a particular sauce recipe to serve with the restaurant's most famous Crisp Fried Fish, and it was included in the menu. I also initiated and implemented high quality safe and hygienic workstation practices at the restaurant which were highly commended by the sous chef

6. Tell us how do you ensure the safety of fellow workers?

With a range of dangerous equipment and hot pans along with a number of people in the kitchen, it is important that everyone is aware. As a result, I always communicate with workers that I'm behind them or passing, and clearly identify hot surfaces.

7. Tell us where do you see yourself in ten years as Hospital Cook?

Being a highly motivated individual with a passion for cooking, in the next ten years I see myself working as a head chef in some five-star restaurant or having one of my own.

8. Explain about your formal training as a cook?

Remember a cook is not a chef so it's ok if you don't have your chef papers.
What is important is to discuss your related work experience.

9. Can you tell me do you think a cook needs mathematical skills?

Definitely! A cook needs mathematical skills to weigh things accurately, make unit conversions and double or divide ingredient quantities to attain the desired amount of any given recipe

10. Tell us how would you approach a customer that has complained about your dish?

When approaching a customer, it is important that they feel listened to. Therefore first, I would carefully acknowledge the customer's concerns, inquiring about the specific issues with the plate. I would then work to resolve the issues, ensuring that the individual was satisfied.

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