1. Why do you want to work here as Nurse?

Your reasons for wanting to work at this place of employment should be positive and show that you have an understanding of the unique culture. It's also an opportunity to draw the connection between your career goals and how they can be achieved at this particular facility. “Your hospital has been growing its oncology service line, and my ultimate goal and passion is to work with the top oncology program in our area.”

2. Explain me what is your favorite type of patient?

A patient that is appreciative of the care they are receiving. A patient that cooperates and is willing to do what is necessary to improve upon while they are under our care. Of course, finding a perfect patient will not always happen and you have to adapt and be just as courteous to a patient no matter how they behave.

3. What is emergency Situations?

The medical world is full of emergency situations, and anyone with any experience at all must have a few incidents to speak of. When answering this question, tell about some of the most challenging and difficult cases that you have faced. You can also talk about a specific problem and how you handled it. Make sure that you speak about the added value that the situation gave to your medical experience.

4. Tell me what was your proudest moment as a nurse so far?

Having only 1 patient at a time as you do in the surgical setting I focus on that 1 patient. I will never forget a very young breast cancer patient, I think she was 26, drifting off to sleep with anes and a single tear drifted down her face...I tried to confort her during her last seconds of consciousness. She remembered that in a letter to the hospital...she felt I was a caring nurse.

5. Tell me why do you want to work for us as Nurse?

XYZ Medical Center has a mission of improving the health of the people in their community through personalized and compassionate quality care. As a Critical Care Nurse it is important for me to provide kindhearted care and support to patients and their families through their heartbreaking experience. I am impressed with the level of compassionate care provided at Saint John's and wish to accept a leadership position in the future where I can use my experience to mentor others.

6. Tell me where do you see yourself in a few years?

Any medical institution will need to know how serious you are about the profession and where you see yourself in five or ten years. Clearly, they will want to hear that you are interested in a lifelong career in the medical profession; people prefer to hire employees looking for many years of work. If your plans are otherwise, be honest and play up your good points.

7. Tell me what was your least favorite patient? What was the situation?

I had a patient who's pain control was unmanageable. I notified the charge nurse and we notified the physician to get a different medication or dose that would be more therapeutic, but the physician declined the request. Still advocating for my patient we tried different non pharma interventions but his pain as still unmanageable. I didn't like that we couldn't make him pain free.

8. Tell me where do you see yourself in five years as Nurse?

I plan on being a career nurse. There are so many different floors and units to work on, with each providing their own change of pace. I enjoy nursing and patient care too much to ever consider a career outside of the hospital.

9. What do you dislike about your present job as Nurse?

The interviewer is trying to find out whether the job in question involves tasks you dislike. Do not be too specific. Talk about the characteristic of your present company that are different from the company you're interviewed by. For example, if your company is large, you might say you are frustrated with slow decision-making. Or if it's small, you could say that there is a lack of opportunities to progress in your career.

10. Tell me how do you handle situations that could cause you to be tardy or absent?

I will always try to avoid being tardy by ensuring I have adequate time prior to the start of work. Further to that, I will continue to take care of myself to the best of my ability to avoid becoming sick which would be a potential cause for missing work.

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