1. What is heart attack?

Occus when the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the heart is blocked often due to fat build-up, cholesterol or other substances. For heart attack emergencies, AED units are helpful and may just save lives.

2. What is ibuprofen?

A pain killer. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that relieves pain, reduces fever and inflammation by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body.

3. Why Do You Want This Job regarding First Aid?

Use phrases like, ‘I want to work in …' and, ‘I like the sound of…' this shows enthusiasm but also the research you have done prior to the interview. You have to show enthusiasm; explain how you would be a good candidate; and show you have an interest in the job sector and in the company and what they do.

4. What is ergonomics?

The science of designing the workplace, job or equipment to fit the worker. It is necessary to prevent strain injuries and long-term disabilities.

5. Can you tell us how are you when you're working under pressure?

Once again, there are a few ways to answer this but they should all be positive. You may work well under pressure, you may thrive under pressure, and you may actually prefer working under pressure. If you say you crumble like aged blue cheese, this is not going to help you get your foot in the door.

6. What is nausea?

Also referred as motion sickness. It is a sensation of unease and discomfort and a feeling to vomit. It may have possible underlying causes.

7. What is hypoglycaemia?

The medical term for ‘low blood sugar'. The most common cause is when a person is taking Hyperglycaemia (diabetes mellitus) medications to lower down the blood sugar level.

8. Tell us an Example Of A Difficult Situation/Task At Work And How You Dealt With It?

The best way to answer this is give a situation where you used communication and problem solving skills to resolve the situation. Use a situation where you had to communicate with another person, understand the issue and come to a solution where everyone was satisfied.

9. Tell me what Are Your Key Strengths/Skills?

Tell the interviewer your skills and strengths that match to the job role. Researching the company and the job specification beforehand will be useful as you will be able to make your strengths and skills relevant to an example situation you may face.

10. What is emergency Oxygen?

A portable oxygen unit, available in different sized cylinders, that increases a person's oxygen level internally during emergency cases.

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