1. What motivates you to be a Registered Assistant Nurse?

This question gives you the chance to prove that you're passionate about what you do. Show that you're motivated by ideals and a desire to help others, rather than things like money. Be specific and talk about past experiences that have motivated and inspired you.

2. Do you know how is patient progress monitored by a staff nurse?

Nurses monitor vital signs and look for symptoms of potential illness. They chart progress for use by other nurses and physicians. They report progress to physicians on duty.

3. Tell us what do you like least about being a medical assistant?

Never, ever use this question as an opportunity to complain. A better approach is to state that you wish your responsibilities were not as limited so you could provide more assistance to the doctor. Be prepared to provide an example that supports your answer.

4. Tell me what are the key roles and duties for a dental nurse?

There are 3 key main roles for a dental nurse, first preparing and tidying the dental surgery, secondly a key part of the running of the dentist – sterilising instruments and keeping dental operation areas sterile and finally helping the dentist record information about each patient and carrying out stock control.

5. Tell me how would you describe the primary duties of a staff nurse?

The primary duties of a staff nurse include facilitating and monitoring patient progress towards recovery, charting progress, giving medication, and making sure patients are comfortable.

6. Tell me what can you tell me about team work as part of the job?

There is usually a team of staff nurses working in cooperation with each other. . A team of nurses has to get along well and coordinate their actions, usually by dividing their responsibilities into sectors or specific activities. They help each other perform tasks requiring more than one person.

7. Tell me do you have good computer skills?

It is becoming increasingly important for medical assistants to be knowledgeable about computers. If you are a long-time computer user with experience with different software applications, mention it. It is also a good idea to mention any other computer skills you have, such as a high typing rate, website creation, and more.

8. Tell us what have you done to reduce costs, increase revenue, or save time?

Even if your only experience is an externship, you have likely created or streamlined a process that has contributed to the earning potential or efficiency of the practice. Choose at least one suitable example and explain how you got the idea, how you implemented the plan, and the benefits to the practice.

9. What are your salary requirements as Registered Assistant Nurse?

Do research so that you are asking for a realistic amount and aren't pricing yourself out of the market. It's also a good idea to keep your experience level in mind. Try to find out beforehand what the pay grade is at the company and stress that it's negotiable. If they want specifics, provide a ballpark figure.

10. Explain me about a time where you or someone you worked with made a mistake?

There is usually a question asked during an interview that will allow you to speak about accountability and chain-of-command.

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