1. Explain how Well Do You Work In A Team as Hospital Cleaner?

I am good at interpersonal relationships and exercise my effective communication skills when needed to work in a team. I also try to help my colleagues whenever possible which makes me a very effective team player.

2. Explain me why do you want to leave your current job as Hospital Cleaner?

I am looking for a position where I can work on a broader scale and one that provides me more opportunity to move up to a supervisory role.

3. Can you tell me how Would You Handle Being Asked To Re-clean A Room?

If the candidate takes offense to being asked to fix their work, think twice about hiring them. An ideal candidate should take the situation as a learning experience and express their desire to improve-rather than being defensive or objectionable.

4. Tell us are You Familiar With Chemical Cleaning Precautions?

Yes, I am an expert in chemical cleaning and fully understand the precautions to be followed while using any chemical cleaners including ice cleaners. I am capable of reading and following instructions to book that come with various chemical cleaners.

5. Tell us how Do You Manage To Complete Multiple Housekeeping Tasks In A Single Day?

I am good at multitasking and task prioritization. When given multiple tasks for a day I immediately prioritize them and set to work. This strategy almost always helps me in completing the day's tasks no matter how many there are.

6. Tell us in Your Opinion, What Is The Most Important Quality Of A Housekeeping Aide?

A housekeeping aide needs to be able to work in a thorough and detail-oriented manner. A speck of dust here or there, or a spot on the floor can leave a very bad impression on guests, Thoroughness is important in all cleaning and maintenance work.

7. Tell us why Did You Choose To Work On This Housekeeping Position?

I believe that I have exceptional cleaning skills which make me comfortable while performing different kinds of cleaning and sanitization tasks. Because of these skills, I have the capability to provide exceptional housekeeping services.

8. Why Do You Want This Job Now as Hospital Cleaner?

The ideal candidate will be one who expresses interest in growing with the company and learning the business from the ground up. These kinds of housekeepers are going to be the most conscientious because they'll be looking for opportunities to move into positions of greater responsibility. Workers who just need a job may fill a vacancy, but may not be as motivated to do excellent work as those who plan to make a career in the industry.

9. Tell us will it be ok for you to work for night shifts and how do you manage?

You can say that you are comfortable and agree to work for a night shift. You can say that it is unusual timing, but you are used to be awake at night hours and hence there are no hassles in working for a night shift. You can also assure the employer that you would sleep for eight hours in the daytime and hence you do not find yourself exhausted during work.

10. Tell me what skills do you have that qualify you for this job as Hospital Cleaner?

Since I have worked as a cleaner for so long, I know what type of chemical is used for different surfaces and furniture and where I should not use any chemicals at all. I am also comfortable with mixing chemicals as I know just how potent each mixture should be so that it isn't harmful.

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