1. Do you know what is meant by Adaptive Occupation?

Adaptive Occupation is a use of technical aids and technology, in combination with consultation and education to teach client's different ways for performing their task.

2. Explain what are Auxiliary aids?

Auxiliary aids are devices used for the client who has communicating disabilities, and aids used are assistive listening devices, taped texts, closed caption decoders on televisions and qualified interpreters.

3. Do you know what is sensory defensiveness?

Sensory defensiveness is used to define child's behavior in response to sensory input, reflecting severe over-reaction to a particular sensory input.

4. What is the term Accessibility audit?

Accessibility audit is a review of the access and inclusion practices of the place of public accommodation from a physical and policy perspective.

5. Tell us how would your colleagues describe you?

This one can be difficult as you have to think how you come across to others but is much the same as selecting your strengths and weaknesses but in the scenario of team-working.

6. Why should we hire you as Occupational Therapist?

This question is almost always asked in any interview regardless of the field. This question actually is the best one for answering because it grants you the opportunity to sell yourself as long as you are able to tell them you are easily adaptable to the team/culture and that you not only can perform the job, but will do it with spectacular results.

7. Tell me when nursing home requires an occupational therapist?

When nursing home are dealing with people suffering from strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure then they need OT. They will meet patient three to six times per week after an injury, assessing his needs, prescribing appropriate equipment's and training them how to use it.

8. Explain what are the challenges does an occupational therapist has to face?

☛ Dealing with unsatisfied patient
☛ Difficulty in communicating with mentally challenged patient
☛ Daily maintaining living facilities for patient
☛ Developing living and work skills
☛ Adapting to a new environment and people if travelling abroad
☛ Language barrier with locals and patient

9. Tell me when dynamic splint can be used?

Dynamic splint is made of plastic material to support and immobilize bone or to support stretched muscles. It can be used in various ways like

☛ To correct or prevent deformity with tightening joints or muscles
☛ Stop weakened muscles from over strengthening
☛ Strengthening weak muscles
☛ To gain better range of motion before surgery
☛ Provide an even muscle balance when there is an imbalance

10. Do you know what is Augmentative or Alternative communications?

The systems that supplement or replace communication by gesture or voice among people is referred as augmentative or alternative communications.

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