1. Explain me what is your professional experience as a doctor?

Another important job interview question that is commonly asked to the doctor is about their qualification. To become a doctor you have to go through a tough process of studies. You should try to get admission in medical colleges. You shall be able to give a detailed explanation of your degrees. Also, you should give details about any field if you have done specialization in.

2. Explain me what would you describe as your biggest weakness?

This is probably one of the most dreaded questions in a job interview. Answering this question requires self evaluation and honesty. Remember, whatever weakness you decide to share, make sure it is not a key characteristic needed to perform your job as a physician.

3. Explain me tell us why are you leaving your current job?

Truthfulness and tact is key in answering this question. You should always detail the reasons for looking for work outside of your current employment in a positive context. You may want to find new challenges or seek career advancement. You may also reveal that you wish to work for a more secure organization with better benefits. While answering the question, it pays to refocus the inquiry by highlighting why the available position you're applying for can provide what was lacking in your previous job. But take particular care not to talk badly about a current/previous employer.

4. Tell us what are your salary expectations as Company Physician?

It's best that you don't talk about your salary expectations during an interview. However, if you are asked about it, you must be cautious in providing a specific figure. If you ask for an amount that's too high, you might be eliminated from consideration altogether. If the number is too low, you might give the impression that your talents are not of sufficient value. If it cannot be avoided, the best possible answer to this question is to respond that you are looking to receive a competitive salary that matches your expertise, experience and anticipated workload.

5. Explain me do you as a doctor have any weakness or strength?

All of us have some weakness or strength and same goes to the doctors too. You should never hide your weakness, if any, from the interviewer. Say if you can do all your duties well, but it will be difficult for you to be available for night shifts due to same personal problems. Also, any strength can act as a benefit for you. Like you are a cardiologist, but you can also perform surgery in case of an emergency. In this way you can save the life of a patient.

6. Tell us how do you approach dealing with an angry patient, and why?

Knowing how you will handle a difficult situation will tell the interviewer if you have the the right attitude for this job. Being a physician means you have to deal with people from very different backgrounds and with varying personalities. Give the interviewer an example of how you would handle an angry patient.

7. Tell us what are some of your notable achievements?

Nobody enjoys a braggart but if you're asked about your achievements, you should not hide them. Detailing awards and scholarships that you have received and seminars/conferences that you have attended is not only to subtly suggest that you're an exceptional doctor. It is to emphasize your serious dedication to the profession.

8. Tell me how do you prevent committing medical malpractice?

Like the previous interview question, this one is also specific to physicians. When answering questions like this one, you must stress how serious and dedicated you are when treating your patients. This means having extensive knowledge of the patient's condition which you will learn along the way through patient communication and the processes of conducting examinations. You must also mention that in cases where you are uncertain how to proceed with treatment, you are always mindful to consult with other doctors and even refer the patients to specialists outside your field if necessary.

9. Explain me what are your achievements till date?

You should never hide about your achievements from the interview panel. List down all the awards that you have achieved for your hard work. If there are scholarships that you have won, then list them down in your award list. Never forget to list the seminars and conferences that you have attended. Any workshops that you have conducted for the betterment of your patients. If you are a member of a faculty in any of the medical institutes or called for taking lectures, listing all these will highlight your achievements and will show the interviewer your dedication about the work.

10. Can you explain what is your planning about the future?

If you are a doctor then you always dream of something big in your lifetime. You should explain the interviewer about your future plans of opening a hospital in the country with all the latest medical equipments from all around the world. Also, how you are going to invest your entire plan, whether through loans or any other backup that you have.

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