1. Tell me what do you consider to be your best strength as Hospice Nurse?

This question allows you to brag on yourself, but keep in mind that the interviewer wants strengths relative to the position. For example, being a problem solver, a motivator, and being able to perform under pressure, positive attitude and loyal. You will also need examples that back your answers up for illustration of the skill.

2. What are your salary expectations as Hospice Nurse?

This question is like a loaded gun, tricky and dangerous if you're not sure what you are doing. It's not uncommon for people to end up talking salary before really selling their skills, but knowledge is power as this is a negotiation after all. Again, this is an area where doing your research will be helpful as you will have an understanding of average salary.

One approach is asking the interviewer about the salary range, but to avoid the question entirely, you can respond that money isn't a key factor and you're goal is to advance in your career. However, if you have a minimum figure in mind and you believe you're able to get it, you may find it worth trying.

3. Tell me how would you handle a patient who complains?

I would consult the on-duty doctor's opinions about the patient to see if he has been suffering from any pain or distress, then, I will work out the most suitable approach.

First, I shall try to comfort the patient and calm him down. Then, I ask about his problem and discuss with the on-duty doctor if necessary to resolve that.

First, I will listen carefully to his complaint and consider the situation carefully. Then, I will reassure the patient by sharing my sympathy with him and figure out what I should do to help him.

4. Tell me what is your greatest weakness for the position: HOSPICE NURSE?

I am a perfectionist and therefore, I rarely believe anyone can work as well as me. As a result, I am afraid to delegate important tasks to others as I want to get them done right

5. What kind of salary do you need as Hospice Nurse?

This is a loaded question and a nasty little game that you will probably lose if you answer first. So, do not answer it. Instead, say something like, that's a tough question. Can you tell me the range for this position? In most cases, the interviewer, taken off guard, will tell you. If not, say that it can depend on the details of the job. Then give a wide range.

6. Tell me what field experience do you have for a HOSPICE NURSE POSITION?

I have been working with computers since 2001. I also have a degree in network support/computer repair. I have built my last 3 computers, have work with Dell as an employee. So I have around 15 years experience working with computers.

7. Do you know the position: hospice nurse you're applying for?

This is a “homework” question, too, but it also gives some clues as to the perspective the person brings to the table. The best preparation you can do is to read the job description and repeat it to yourself in your own words so that you can do this smoothly at the interview.

8. Please explain what experience do you have in this field and Hospice nurse position?

Speak about specific matters that are relevant to the position you are applying for. If you do not have any specific experience, get them as close as you can.

If you are being asked this question from your employer, you can explain about your experience. Tell the employer what responsibilities you were performing in your previous job. You can tell about the programs you have developed and modules you have worked on. You can also tell about your achievements in different programs.

9. Tell me why did you pursue a nursing career?

As a kid, seeing the nurses take care of my grandmother in the hospital really made an impact on me. But, my interest in nursing started when I volunteered at a hospice care facility near our school. The fulfillment I would feel after each day of taking care of patients in the facility made me decide that I wanted to pursue nursing as my profession someday.

10. Why do you believe we should hire you as Hospice Nurse?

This question needs to be carefully answered as it is your opportunity to stick out from the rest of the applicants. You should focus on skills that you have, including those not yet mentioned. Simply responding “because I'm really good” or “I really need a job” isn't going to work. You shouldn't assume the skills of other applicants or their strengths, focus on yourself. Tell the interviewer why you are a good fit for the position, what makes you a good employee, and what you can provide the company. Keep it brief while highlighting achievements.

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