1. Explain what measures will you ensure to keep children safe?

Make sure that the kids are behaving in a safe manner on my bus and always be aware of my surroundings and the conditions.

2. Tell me what type of license you have for that and is that up-to date?

There are different licenses for two wheeler and four wheeler, just say them what types of licenses you have and make sure that they are up-to date before you appear for the interview.

3. Explain what type of vehicles can you drive?

There are various kind of vehicles available in the market, generally the jobs which hires drivers either give them to ride a two

4. Tell me how do you plan to adapt to many different bus routes?

As an experienced driver, finding new places has come easy, in this position, I am already familiar with our County, so as I study further I know this will come easy as well.

5. Tell me in the event of a serious accident, what procedure would you follow?

I would call 911, radio my supervisor and check for serious injury and administer first aid where needed.

6. Suppose you get an angry customer, how would you deal with him?

Don?t tell that you yourself will start fighting with the customer. Tell them that you will gently understand the passenger?s problem and find where the things went wrong and then find a possible good solution to the problem.

7. Tell me for how many years you have been driving?

This is a fixed question, you don?t need any diplomatic answer for it. Just say the numbers of years of your driving experience.

8. Explain me what do you know about our firm?

This will require some homework to be done from your side before coming for the interview. You should know what the company really does and what role you have got to play in that company.

9. Tell me would you mind working in a night?

Buses ride most of the time. If you apply for this employment, you should count with an option to drive in a night. As a good applicant for a job, you should definitely mention that you are aware of the night shift working patterns and would not mind working at night.

10. Explain how well do you know about the town?

This is a very important question, your employer wants you to know the town as best as possible because it will help you to complete the tasks on time. Do answer properly for this question and don?t try to give fake answers, there will be some cross questions as well on your answers.

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