1. Explain me what is consolidation?

A collection of shipments belonging to different shippers travelling to one destination or area to be distributed to several consignees

2. What is cargo assembly?

The separate reception of parcels or packages and the holding of them for later dispatch as one consignment ; consolidator role

3. Tell me the job you have applied for?

Keep your answer brief. Simply state customer service agents handle ticketing, baggage check-in, baggage claims, reservations, information inquiries and resolving complaints and problems.

4. What is claim?

A written complaint about the execution of a contract of transportation by a carrier, combined with a demand for financial compensation

5. What is blocked-space agreement?

A continuous reservation (allotment) for space at one or more flight / date combinations with an airline

6. What is complaint?

An official statement from a customer to a carrier about his unhappiness with the service or operation of the service provider

7. Explain me why do you want a career as a cargo and freight agent?

I believe that I can excel in this field, because I possessed positive behaviours regarding any kind of work.

8. What is bonded Goods?

Goods on which the customs duty has not yet been paid, and which therefore, are under the control of customs; usually in a Bonded warehouse.

9. What is Dimensional Weight (Conversion)?

Concept adopted by the transportation industry worldwide as a uniform means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space a package occupies ; the volume is converted into a (higher) weight / price class

10. Tell us what is consignee?

The person or company that is physically and administratively responsible for accepting the goods at final delivery

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