1. Tell us what type of equipment does the company use?

Again, another important question that both answers a question about your potential comfort and productivity, and about the company itself. Are the trucks old? If so, they may be perpetually breaking down and harming your ability to be productive. If they continually spend on new equipment, that may be a good sign. Also, will you have a sleeper on the truck? Will you have an air-ride suspension? When you're sitting in the truck all day, these are potentially important questions.

2. Tell me what Is Wave Picking?

Wave picking is a technique of assigning orders into groups and release them together, so as to allow several activities to run parallel and complete the task.

3. Tell us what Is Activity Based Costing?

It is a method which helps in the breakdown of the costs into specific activities in order to maintenance of accuracy in the distribution of costs in product costing.

4. Do You Know What Is WTS (warehouse Tracking System)? How Does It Work?

WTS or Warehouse Tracking System is a software application which is specifically designed for the warehouse industry. It uses the system of barcode labels which allows you to track product movement, audits and shipments easily. It enables you to identify each piece of stock by a unique serial number.

5. Explain me how were you notified that you received the job?

It didn't take too long. Of course my experience might have been different, but only a day or two after I turned the application in. I was lucky, I got to speak with someone who was in the office that day. That isn't always the case but when I turned in the paperwork, somebody was there for me to talk to. They called me back I think it was a day or two later, and I went back in the next day. It was about almost a week from when I first went in to when I was actually hired on.

6. Tell us why do you want to work for us as Truck Driver?

Here, they just want to know how motivated you are about the position or if you are just there for the pay. They want to ascertain that you would form an important part of the company. You have to show them that you are willing to be part of the company and would do all you can to ensure you and the company grows together.

7. Tell me your greatest strength as Truck Driver?

This is your big chance to brag, so take it by the reins. Pick a skill that is relevant to the job you're interviewing for based upon the research you've done. Emphasize how you used that skill to succeed in your current or former role, and try to share that gift through the words of someone else. For example, did your last boss tell you that you're great with details? It's more powerful to share your gifts through the words of others. Describe how you plan to use that skill in the role you're interviewing for if given the chance.

8. What is logistics?

Logistics is referred as the procedure of managing goods, resources and information from the source to the consumers in a manner that it fits the requirements of both parties.

9. Please explain what Are The Main Supply Chain Challenges Companies Face Today?

The five big challenges that companies face today is

☛ Ignoring the continued growth of e-commerce as a channel in the industrial sector
☛ No attention to the potential risk like volatile transportation costs
☛ Over expectation that supply chain management technologies will fix everything
☛ Over-reliance on past performance to predict future sales
☛ Increase complexity added to supply chain operations with implementation of unnecessary technologies
☛ Lack of understanding of the full capacities of suppliers and service

10. Can you tell me what questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

They basically asked under a stressful situation, can you handle it; do you have the availability to work strange hours, you don't have kids at home, you got to be off by 3, you get them from school, or you don't have another job you have to be at or anything like that or school. They need somebody with open availability.

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11. Tell us what is your greatest accomplishment as Truck Driver?

This is just like the “what is your greatest strength?” question and should be treated similarly. You should pick accomplishments that show that you have the qualities the company is looking for and this adds value to you as a candidate for the position you are interviewing for. You may have achieved a lot over the years but for the sake of the interview, pick only the relevant ones

12. Explain me what recent accomplishments have meant the most to you and your team, and why?

Bonus points if you can cite some of these accomplishments, or have done enough research to say there have been many. This question allows you to show off your excellent listening skills. Look! It's not all about you! You're a great and generous colleague! Plus, people love to talk about themselves. It's a great icebreaker, even for midway or almost-all-the-way through an interview.

13. Do you know what are some of the intangible qualities of successful team members here?

You want to know what that certain je ne sais quoi might be that helps employees of this company excel. Your interviewer might be eager to talk about the soft skills involved in the job-which are rarely asked about in interviews. It's also a great sneaky way to get a sense of culture and what the company will value most to see if you'd be a good or bad fit.

14. Tell us what is your policy on home time?

When you're an over-the-road driver, you're going to be spending a lot of time away from home. It's only fair for you to know how long you will be home in between. Also, be sure to get a clarification on defining “a day”; for instance, if you are promised two days of home time after a week-long trip, is that two full days, or the remainder of the day after you return to the terminal, then one day after? Some companies will not offer to tell you this information.

15. Do you know what Is Cycle Time?

Cycle time is the time consumed to get and order from order entry to the shipping dock.

16. Tell us what Is A Capacity Requirement Planning?

It is a process for determining the quantity of machine and manual labor resources necessary to assemble a production.

17. Tell us your job title and primary duties?

I was a mover and a driver, which is the guy who moves the furniture for residential and commercial properties. The driver, if you did good as a mover, you get moved up to a driver. You take your physical and little raise and you start driving the trucks as well as moving the furniture.

18. Tell us what are your weaknesses as Truck Driver?

Turn this question into a strength question in disguise. For instance, say something like “I do not like not being challenged at work” or you could mention a weakness that has nothing to do with the job and that you can overcome with training. This way, you end up turning this potentially tricky question into a positive.

Sometimes, you may be asked about certain challenges you faced in your previous position. If you are asked this question, lean towards the problem that happened early in your carrier and that you were able to solve. Do not try to blame others, just identify the problem and the role you played in solving it.

19. Tell me what sort of salary are you looking for as Truck Driver?

Note that whenever you are going for an interview, this question may be asked. Before going, try to find out what the average salary for someone holding that position in that industry is paid. This would help prepare you for what is in front of you.

Do not forget that this is only an interview and you haven't been offered the job, so do not go on negotiating. Just state something within the range you have researched and move on. Whatever you do, do not sell yourself short.

20. Please explain what is your client service philosophy?

Really, you should try to ascertain this before the interview. But there are ways to ask about this that make you seem customer service oriented and proactive. As well as sensitive to balancing your company's needs versus that of your client.

21. Tell me which routes will I be driving?

You want to know what your typical routes will look like. This is a common question to ask, and you should be immensely curious about it. You may want to ask this question first.

22. Tell us what Is Bonded Warehouse?

Bonded warehouse is a dedicated portion of a facility where imported goods are stored before the customs duties or taxes are being paid.

23. Do you know what Is The Meaning Of Triage?

The sorting of products or goods based on their condition or quality is referred as Triage. Some of the goods needs to be repaired and sent back, others have to be sold off as used or defective goods.

24. Can you please explain what other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

There's different types of people you're going to work with everywhere you go. Just be patient and remember you're there to do a job. Other than that, it's good pay and it'll keep you busy and keep you in good physical condition.

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25. Explain me how does this position contribute to your goals for this department/company?

You're mindful of the fact that your role will be a part of a larger whole. You're forward thinking enough to wonder how you can contribute. And you're sensitive enough to the company's goals to see how it fits into their big picture or bottom line. Bonus points if you can flip the question: just name a few of the goals for the company you already know line up with this position and then ask how else a new hire in that position might contribute or accelerate that impact?