1. Tell us do you have a GPS?

Say yes if you do but also tell them you have an excellent sense of direction and you don't have any issue finding the location.

2. Tell us do you have your own car?

Not all delivery jobs require you own a car, but if you don't, tell the interview you have access to one through a family member.

3. Explain me what hours can you work?

Have a look at the hours of operation and try and be as flexible as possible. The more flexible you are with your hours the better chance you have to land the job.

4. Tell us why do you want to be a delivery driver?

Say you would like to work in a fast-paced environment and would enjoy working with people and a job as a delivery driver will allow you to do both.

5. What are your goals for the future as Delivery Agent?

A sense of purpose is an attractive feature in an applicant, so this question is designed to probe your ambition and the extent of your career planning. Your commitment is also under question but avoid blankly stating that ‘I want to be with your company'. Instead, describe how your goal is to continue to grow, learn, add value and take on new responsibilities in the future that build on the role for which you are applying.

6. Tell us what Are Your Professional Strengths as Delivery Agent?

Resist the temptation to lie and give the answer you think the company is looking for rather than an honest one. If you look at the job description, you will see what the organisation is seeking and should be able to tailor an answer using your real strengths.

It is important to be specific; for example, say ‘relationship building' instead of ‘team work'. You must follow up your initial answer with examples of how you have used these strengths in a work setting.

7. Tell us what Is Your Favoured Work Environment?

It should go without saying that your answer should be an environment similar to that of the company you're looking to join. In order to give a good answer, you need to do some research to determine the company's work culture. Look through its social media accounts and look for information on company/employee relations.

A great strategy is to show up early for the interview and observe how employees interact with one another. Ask some of them about the company culture and take note of their response time; a quick answer is usually a positive sign.

8. Explain me are you working for an online meal ordering delivery service?

Today, many restaurants participate in online meal ordering and delivery services.

If you are driving for an online meal ordering service tell the interviewer the truth but let them know you will not have any issues managing your priorities.

9. Explain me do You Have Interviews With Other Companies?

Don't worry; the recruiter will expect you to have other interviews lined up. After all, you were impressive enough to be called in for an interview by them right? The purpose of this question is to ensure your career aims are consistent. So if you are being interviewed by an accounting firm, they don't expect you to have interviews with a construction company as a bricklayer!

A little bit of sucking up does no harm however so mention that their company is your #1 choice. You can even say you haven't applied to other firms yet for that very reason. If you do have other interviews lined up, provide examples that are:

☛ Relevant: Related to the job you're currently applying for.
☛ Highly Rated: Interviews with companies that are held in high regard in the industry.
☛ Consistent: Stick to companies in the same industry.
☛ Successful: Don't mention rejections!

10. Why should we hire you as Delivery Agent?

Think of this question as an opportunity to summarise your experience, skill set, and passion for the job and company. Your interviewer is essentially asking you to give your personal sales pitch, so take the time to explain why you're qualified to do the work and deliver great results (a combination of skills and achievements), how you can support the interviewer and the broader business in their goals, and why you'll be a great cultural fit.

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