1. What is an order quantity?

An order quantity is the amount of goods that an order requests be shipped to the store.

2. Explain what should be recorded in a physical count of inventory?

When conducting a physical inventory the classification, location and number in stock of a good should be recorded.

3. Tell me can forecasting help in controlling inventory?

Yes, through the use of forecasts inventory levels can be set to meet the demands while keeping levels as low as possible.

4. Tell me what are important steps in procurement life cycle?

Procurement Process starts with gathering requirements, then creating a purchase requisition and then we create a formal document that has to be sent to vendor i.e. purchase order. After this goods will be supplied by vendor and goods receipt is done along with invoice verification. Then vendor is paid for supplied goods and services.

5. What is lead time?

Lead time is the period of time from which a order for goods is placed until it is received by the store. Lead time is an important consideration for determining when orders should be placed.

6. What is demand?

Demand is the quantity that customers are willing to buy. Demand can be found through forecasting and is needed to find the EOQ level.

7. What types of forecasting can I do?

There are two types of forecasting qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative uses personal opinions to determine forecasts. Quantitative uses numerical data and statistical modeling to determine forecasts.

8. What is forecasting?

Forecasting is the process of estimating the future demand of a product.

9. What are batches and how are they searched?

A batch is a collection of similar items from your stock that have the same characteristics. For example, all food items produced on a particular day belong to one batch.
Batches are searched using the standard facility (match code, key F4) based on the batch names or other properties that distinguish them from others.

10. What makes a good forecasting model?

A good forecast model will have reasonable costs. the accuracy of its forecasts will allow good decision making. The model will have ample data available for its use and a relevant time span. The model finally will have a low interference level.

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