1. Tell me why Do I Need To Complete A Grn?

Failure to complete a GRN will result in invoices being unable to be matched and paid which could put us in breach of contract with our suppliers.

2. Explain me who Conducts The Market Research?

Market research will be led by the Procurement Service, but stakeholders often have a very good understanding of the market available and can provide information that will assist in this review.

3. Tell us how do you negotiate with a difficult supplier?

Difficult suppliers must be approached carefully during a negotiation. The circumstances should be considered when deciding on negotiation techniques. The more suppliers available as alternatives allows the procurement department to use more “hardball” style negotiation tactics. The fewer alternatives available will require the procurement department to use more “selling” style persuasion techniques.

4. Suppose I Have An Urgent Requirement, What Do I Need To Do?

If this is a genuine emergency, the in hours and out of hours emergency procedures will apply. However, this process cannot be used for failure to plan.

5. Explain me a Supplier Has Not Sent Me A Receipt For A Transaction. What Do I Do?

You must ask for a receipt when the purchase is made. If a receipt has not been issued, chase the supplier and ask for an invoice to support the purchase.

6. Tell us when Can The Partner Expect A Statement Of Account?

UNICEF issues the Statement of Account within 30 days after the last charge has been received and processed by UNICEF (for supplies, freight and insurance). On average, this takes 3-4 months after the delivery of the final shipment of supplies at the Port of Destination.

7. Suppose I Have Already Obtained Quotes. What Should I Do With Them?

Unless you work in the Faculty of Science and the value is less than £10,000, it is the Procurement Service's responsibility to obtain quotations. Please attach what you have to the requisition, but for future requests, please ensure that a specification is provided so that the Procurement Service can source quotations.

8. Please explain what tools do you use to keep track of progress on your projects?

Projects should always be kept track of using tools available in modern technology. Microsoft Project is an excellent project management software program that leading procurement professionals use to track their projects.

9. Explain me why Do We Need To Address Social Issues Within Tenders?

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 stipulates that public authorities need to have reviewed the social value of the service prior to tendering it. Failure to consider this may result in a legal challenge.

10. Explain me why Must All Suppliers Is Given The Same Information?

This is to ensure openness and transparency, and to ensure that no supplier is given an unfair advantage over another.

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