1. Explain me isn't data collection hard work? How do you cope?

You're right. Data collection is definitely hard work. But since I enjoy the challenge so much, I can easily overlook the hard part.

2. Tell us which part of data collection do you find most challenging?

I believe that collecting data is no big deal. It is what one has to do to sort information and verify its accuracy and integrity where the challenge is most evident.

3. Tell us what was your biggest challenge with your previous boss?

The most important thing to remember here is to stay positive. You don't want to gripe and complain about your past boss, even if she was a devil. You want to be very brief in describing the challenge and then expand on that by focusing on what you did to overcome the challenge. If the end result was a positive one, then be sure to highlight that, emphasizing the part you played in coming to that end.

4. Tell us how did you become involved in the world of debt collecting?

I have been involved since 1999 in debt collection. My husband was a credit manager and saw the business opportunities in this industry. We then became involved as a team.

5. Explain what are the different areas that data collectors can work in?

Every company has different data collection requirements. From collecting information for census purposes to performing data collection activities in a meter reading capacity, everything falls under the broader category of data collection.

6. Tell us what are your career goals as Debt Collector?

You should think through this question before you go to an interview and come up with a truly honest answer that rings true for you. Then you should tailor this answer to be appropriate to the interview. If your goal is to enter an entirely different field, you need to explain clearly why this job is the perfect stepping stone to that goal. For bonus points, identify a well-known mentor in your field, and explain the assets and aspects of their career that are touchstones for your own career goals.

7. Tell us what role do you tend to play in a team?

Here you want to demonstrate your knowledge of the different roles within a team and show that you have a strength but can still be versatile. For example, you might say that you think it's great that each team has a communicator, a leader, a note taker, etc. and that you tend to take on the leadership role but are also able to be a communicator or a note taker, as needed. Provide a brief example from a past experience at work.

8. Tell me what do you feel is the biggest challenge of working as a debt collector?

The entire work of a debt collector is challenging. What I find most irksome is when debtors go into hiding, making the process longer than expected.

9. Can you explain the gaps in your resume?

Employers are fully aware of the fact that it's tough to find a job right now so they're not looking for an excuse about the employment gap . What they want to know is how you've been filling your time while you've been unemployed. Provide a thorough answer that explains what you've done and why it would benefit the employer. For example, if you took time off of work to stay at home with the kids, then focus on the fact that the skills required to manage a household will translate nicely to managing employees in your new position.

10. Explain what is the most difficult situation with which you have ever been faced?

Threatening and intoxicated debtors. Or, even worse, a serious domestic dispute when either the wife or the husband was completely unaware of the fact that the other party made the debt in the first place.

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