1. Why are you leaving as Delivery Driver?

This question can give a lot away about you. Focus on the opportunities available to you if you take the job.

2. Tell us what are your career goals as a Courier?

Get experience, take a challenges, be a best.

4. Can you share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation?

Always trying explain situation, trying to be reasobable, always trying to be nice for other customers.

5. Explain me how are your customer service skills?

My customer service skills are okay. I'm able to keep calm under pressure, I'm patient, and I never act out in a negative way.

6. Tell us what's one of your greatest professional achievements?

Hearing about what you've accomplished is a great way for a hiring manager to see how you might contribute to the company. Make sure you describe the situation thoroughly but without getting too bogged down in details that aren't relevant or won't interest the interviewer-after all, you

7. Tell us how Would Your Boss, Co-Workers, and Subordinates Describe You?

Be ready to give some examples of the kind of team player you are. If you are not into office politics and have harbored good relationships at work, mention it. And remember that the interviewer may ask your references the same question. I strongly suggest contacting your references before the interview stage in order to talk through your career goals and how the reference can best support them.

8. Tell us did You Have Any Frustrations in Your Past Job?

Frustrations are a normal part of any job, and interviewers know this-so don't claim you didn't have any. Relate some of the bottlenecks you experienced, but more important, indicate what you did to overcome them.

9. Explain me what interests you about this job?

This question weeds out people who just want any job. This is your chance to shine. Try: “there is a greater scope for me to use my skills” – which you then outline.

10. Explain me why do you want to work for us?

Employers want someone who'll be committed, not someone who just needs a job. If you can link your skills to what the company or organisation does you're on the right track.

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11. Tell me how are your bookkeeping skills?

In very good stage, I got numerical skills same as knowledge about bookkeeping skills.

12. Tell me why did you choose to pursue a career as a Courier?

I love challenges, I love driving, I love planing my work.

13. Tell us do you have a reliable vehicle?

Yes. I have a 2011 Mazda 3 with 43k miles.

14. Explain me why are you currently unemployed?

Ok, we admit it's unlikely the interviewer will put the point so bluntly. Typically, this question is asked in the following way: “Tell me about why you left your [insert name of last job].”

What they really want to ask is: “Were you fired and if so, why?” People are reorganized and fired all the time for reasons that have nothing to do with their individual performance. On the other hand, some people are fired for cause as well.

Whichever category you fall into, be sure to spin the best story possible without being defensive. The more casual and confident you can be in your answer, the easier it will be for your interviewer to conclude what you want them to: “Ok, no big deal.”

15. Please explain how Do You Feel About the Progress You Made in Your Last Position?

Don't discuss your feelings, per se, but do stress your accomplishments. For instance, "When I started with the Blake Company, I was given responsibility for their operations in Mexico and Costa Rica. After I turned them around, they made me general manager for Mexico and Central America. How are your international operations performing?" An answer like this communicates great information about your value as an employee while still conveying positive feelings about your progress.

16. Can you share an example of when you established and accomplished a goal that was personally challenging?

When a new computer system was installed while working at my last employment and l found this very challenging to implement the changes and put into my daily rountine. The old saying change is hard to accept at times.

17. Tell us what factors do you consider do you consider when planning routes for delivery?

I have various applications on my phone as well as my regular to confirm any alleged routes to find the fastest route, as well as knowing the surrounding areas very well and finding the best route for the job.

18. Tell me would you ever eat a slice of pizza on your way to a house?

Even if I was allowed to; I don't like to eat inside of my car, or while driving.

19. Why our company?

This is one of the most common job interview questions. If you're interviewing for a role that might be relatively ‘standard' across many other companies, it's actually a very good question - so it's a good idea to have a ready answer. It also is a test to see how much you understand about the larger context and employer, itself.

Think about the interviewer's perspective and about the company goals. This is a time to show that you understand the company's mission, its values or something about its culture. Remember, you want to make the interviewer feel good about where he or she works and make them believe you really want to join them.

20. What Motivates You as Delivery Driver?

Resist the temptation to joke, "A steady paycheck!" Tie your motivation to the work being performed at this specific company. In addition, you could mention things like the opportunity to learn and grow, working with smart people who are passionate about their jobs, and contributing to the success of an organization.

21. Explain me what do you know about this organization?

This is a similar question to the previous one, but you still might get both in one interview. Essentially, the interviewer wants to know whether you care enough about this position and the business to take the time to do your homework.

So do your homework! While this isn't a test, you should be aware of the business's major initiatives, mission, and qualities. You should also look into all aspects of the business that are related to the position or function you'll be performing. For example, if you're interviewing for a marketing role, make sure to look at all of the company's social media accounts.

22. Can you explain me how would your former employer describe you?

A reliable good employee. They'd hire me back instantly if I wanted to work for them again.

23. Tell me what is the most rewarding part of being a Courier?

Making happy costumers, delivering packages on time.

24. Tell us how well do you work with customers?

I am always have good relationships with customers.

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25. Can you please tell us what do you know about our company?

This question uncovers candidates who haven't taken the time to find out about the organisation. If you've done your homework you should be able to talk about the products or services, opportunities or difficulties in the market, and some recent news.