1. Tell me how important are quick deliveries to you?

It is important to me as the customer because it will influence my decision on my next pizza craving, I may choose a different pizzeria in hopes of better delivery.

2. Tell us how would you define great customer service?

As a customer I would want the person I'm dealing with to be friendly and professional at all times. No drama or fooling around.

3. Can you provide an example when your ethics were tested?

I was working in leaflets delivery door by door so I good some experience about delivering and making happy customers.

4. Explain me what have you learned from your mistakes?

Everyone has made mistakes. If you're honest about one or two mistakes you'll come across as more believable and trustworthy than someone who denies all. Focus on the take outs from these mistakes.

5. Tell us do you have a work style?

First, consider what your work style really is. And then consider whether that style is suited for the job and company culture you're interested in. If you're an extreme extrovert but the job requires hours of independent, fairly isolated work, you will have a much harder time answering this question than someone whose work style does, in fact, match the job.

6. Explain me what Has Been Your Biggest Failure?

Discuss this question with friends, mentors, and possibly your references before the interview. If at all possible, think of something you were later able to correct. Then the story isn't just about a failure, but also about a learning experience.

7. Tell us would you like something to drink?

Ok, this may sound like a silly job interview question and something more in line with common job interview etiquette than the substance of the interview itself, but experts say that when someone does something for you, they are actually slightly more positively inclined towards you.

8. What are your strong points as Delivery Driver?

We know you're perfect. But this could work against you if you brag. Think of three or four good points and give examples of how they have benefited previous employers.

9. Tell me why do you want to be a pizza delivery driver?

I love ordering from the restaurant and have never had a bad experience here. It sounds like a great place to work.

10. Can You Work Under Pressure as Delivery Driver?

Indicate that you can and ask the interviewer how much pressure is involved in the position. Learn what the interviewer means by pressure. The definition can vary significantly from person to person and company to company. If you are a pro at pressure jobs, describe a few accomplishments.

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