1. What are your strengths as Commercial Driver?

For the transportation industry, important strengths include communication (since you'll need to effectively relay information from a distance) and ability to learn new things (especially technology advancements).

2. Tell me are dedicated runs an option for drivers with seniority?

If you have any interest in a dedicated run in the future, find out how many dedicated runs the company has available and how they are awarded to interested drivers.

3. Do you know what is the fueling policy?

Each company has a different fuel policy. You may get a company fuel card or get reimbursed; you may have to stop at certain gas stations or you may be able to choose your own fuel suppliers.

4. Please explain what is your objective as a truck driver?

To deliver goods timely, safely, efficiently and free from damage and help to achieve the employer's mission by providing outstanding customer service.

5. Explain me does the company provide paid time off?

At some point, you'll want to take a vacation. Find out whether or not paid time off is an option at your company.

6. Tell us what are your views on driving safety?

Safety is the most critical aspect of truck driving. One must make sure that seat belts are secured, and the speed limit is adhered to. One also needs to drive very slowly in inclement weather like rain and snow.

7. Tell me how often are trucks maintained/upgraded/replaced?

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a old, poorly maintained bucket of a truck that you need to run your routes in. This is important, so don't be afraid to ask or want the best.

8. Tell me how do you stay motivated?

Discuss how you are self-motivated, rather than needing to be motivated by an external source (like a paycheck or fear of discipline).

9. Tell me when are new drivers eligible for time off accrual/usage?

Do you start accruing paid time off right away or after a trial period? At what point in your employment can you begin using your accrued time off?

10. Explain me how often are drivers assessed and how often will I receive feedback?

Are drivers assessed quarterly, annually, or on a different schedule? Do managers provide regular feedback?

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