1. Tell us do you have any other current jobs?

The candidate should mention any other jobs they hold and how they may conflict with the job as a delivery person. They may talk about the ways they will ensure they can juggle the responsibilities of each job, and talk about their ability to take on many tasks at once.

2. Tell us how do you work with sponsors? How do you manage up?

Managing up means working well with people more senior than you. Project managers do this all the time, so it's good to find out how they make those relationships work.

3. Tell us how do you delegate responsibilities?

Put forward relevant examples of how you've done it in the past whether it's by conducting brief meetings, using project management tool, and so on or your great ideas to do it in future. Of course, delegation is an important part of every project and knowing how to delegate effectively will help the team feel empowered.

4. Tell us are you proactive? Is it important?

A project manager needs to manage any changes in time or cost to project progress as early as possible. Usually, the projects are unpredictable, so the manager needs to anticipate the problems as soon as possible. They should be proactive to make quick plans anytime. Be confident in showing that you can handle risks during the course of the project.

5. Explain me have you managed remote teams?

Everything can never be all under one roof. When you come across outsourced resource, using dynamic project management tools will help meet the necessary remote team management. Knowing how to how to get them on-board, which tools to use, how to manage people and resources is a crucial point for project managers.

6. Explain me do you have a reliable vehicle?

While some companies provide a vehicle to deliver papers in, some candidates are required to find their own means of transportation. In this case, the candidate should discuss whether or not they are able to find transportation to do the job. They also should talk about the reliability of their vehicle, and how they are able to find a means to do their job.

7. Please explain what don't you want to work on?

There are always bits of jobs we don't like, but project managers typically work on the projects that they are assigned. It's fine to have preferences, but you're looking for someone who can respond to business needs even if that isn't their top choice of project.

8. What are your career goals as Delivery Man?

Whether this job will be a side job, a window for a future opportunity, or something else, the candidate should talk about what kinds of skills they hope to gain in the job to make them successful in the future. The candidate should talk about what kinds of skills, like responsibility, learning how to arrive to work on time, being dependable, and more, they will learn to help them reach future goals.

9. Tell me if you were a pizza delivery man, how would you benefit from scissors?

Pizza, again? Weird. But beyond that, my first thought was of a pizza delivery man snipping my pizza with a pair of scissors, which is probably not what Apple would be hoping for in a response. Apparently, the purpose of this question is to see if you can separate the occupation from the need for scissors. The question does not ask how your job would benefit from having scissors, but instead looks to see if you can pick apart the logic of the question, which is how would you benefit from scissors regardless of the job. These are strange job interview questions indeed!

10. Explain me how have you improved project management processes at your current firm?

Not everyone has the chance to work on business critical, exciting projects that make for a great CV, but everyone has the chance to offer some suggestions for improvements (even if they aren't taken up). Look for someone who has ideas and who isn't afraid to put them forward.

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