What is the difference between hydraulic oil and engine oil?

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Both the hydraulic and engine oils are made from base oils with additives mixed in. The additives used change the characteristics of the oils so that they function differently.
Generally, hydraulic oils (final product including additives) are expected to have very low compressibility and very predictable friction and viscosity stability under pressure.
Generally engine oils (Engine Lubrication Oils anyway) are intended to have high resistance to heat (degradation including chemical and viscosity due to heat) resistance to burning and resistance to absorption of fuels and chemical compounds produced during combustion.
Both classes of oils are likely to have additives intended to provide detergency and to reduce foaming.
Base oils are most commonly petroleum oil bases due to cost, but other bases oil can be used including mineral oils (especially for hydraulic oils) and plant oils (especially for engine oils) and oils from animal sources.
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