Fresh Science Teacher Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ Describe a laboratory experiment you believe was particularly successful.
☛ Please describe a laboratory demonstration that you believe was particularly successful.
☛ How do you foster positive attitudes towards your subject matter?
☛ Describe a situation in which you "broke through" to a student who was "turned off" to school.
☛ Describe your classroom management style?
☛ What do you believe would be your greatest contribution to our school?
☛ How will this teaching assignment promote your professional development?
☛ Describe a technique you have employed to encourage the development of problem solving skills.
☛ How will you grow as a professional science educator?
☛ What criteria would you use to select a textbook for your class?
☛ Describe your involvement with professional organizations in science education.
☛ Describe your professional preparation as a science educator.
☛ Why do you want to be a science teacher?
☛ Provide an example of how you have differentiated instruction.
☛ If I walked into your classroom on a typical day, what would I observe?
☛ Are you a “team player”? Explain.
☛ Provide 5 adjectives to describe you as a science teacher.
☛ Describe a successful science lesson you delivered.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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