About Teacher Communication Interview Questions for Headmistress:

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► Give us examples of how you communicated with other teachers in your department?
► Give us an example of effective communication with an administrator.
► Have you ever utilized a class newsletter? What did you include in the letter?
► How would you deal with an angry parent if they called you?
► How do you communicate with parents on a regular basis?
► How do you keep parents aware of their son's or daughter's grades?
► How would you react if a parent complained about your class?
► What would you tell a parent if he or she was concerned about their kid's grades?
► What would you do if you received a note from a parent asking for their son to be excused from last night's homework because the student was too busy with another activity?
► What course of action would you take if a student says he or she is being abused at home?
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