Handling professional issues in the classroom interview questions:

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► What are your particular strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?
► Describe the worst or best lesson you have given. What would you do differently? Say why it was successful or unsuccessful.
► How do you judge the achievement of pupils in your subject?
► If we visited your classroom in October, what could we expect to see?
► What is the role of target setting?
► How would you ensure that you respond effectively to the differing needs and abilities of pupils?
► How would you foster equal opportunities in the classroom/school?
► How would you accommodate children who have English as an additional language?
► How would you raise a child's self-esteem and aspirations?
► How far do children in your classroom direct their own learning?
► What are your views on the value of homework?
► Which is more important, teaching or learning, and why?
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