Headmistress Interview Questions About Teaching Style:

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► Would you say that you are a tough teacher?
► Describe an example of when you used positive reinforcement.
► How do you integrate technology into your lessons?
► Are you a team player? Give us an example.
► How do you allow students to express their creativity in your classroom?
► Do you have students use higher order thinking in your class? Give an example.
► How do you develop self-esteem within students?
► How do you prepare students for standardized testing?
► How do you make learning fun?
► Describe a typical lesson.
► What are techniques you use to teach besides direct instruction?
► What do you do if the whole class is "not getting it"?
► How closely do you follow your lesson plan?
► What do you put in your learning objectives of your lesson plan?
► How do you incorporate writing into your lessons?
► Describe the most effective teaching techniques.
► How do you connect your lessons to the "real world"?
► Is it ok for a classroom to be noisy?
► How much homework do you assign and how often do you assign it? How do you know this is a good amount?
► How do you stay current in your field?
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