Junior School Teacher classroom experience interview questions:

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► What would you need to provide to create a stimulating learning environment?
► Describe a teacher you have worked with who you judge to be a good teacher.
► Give an example of your work with children?
► How many days work experience do you have?
► Describe a difficult scenario you faced in your work experience.
► General questions about my own school experience and to describe its positive and negative aspects.
► The head teacher concentrated on school based questions such as past experience, what these experiences have taught you, why you would want to teach and even possible future scenarios and how you would deal with such problems.
► Try to get some work experience in schools: you will see different teachers using different teaching techniques and methods which will give you material to talk about/use in your interview or written piece. I went to both primary and secondary so was in a good position to argue why I wanted to teach secondary.
► I would strongly recommend visiting the Schools in your area for 2 - 3 days to give you a realistic impression of the career you are choosing. It will also be a valuable talking point in your interview and will show the interviewer that you are keen and have taken initiative. Read around the subject.
► Make sure you have some work experience: they seem to place immense importance on this.
► Tell me about the school you visited. What kind of school was it? What impressions did you gain about the school?
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