Let's pretend it's almost the first day of school and you are a first grade teacher. How would you prepare your classroom?

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This question tests how well you will manage the classroom. The philosophy is that the more organized you are, the more well-run your classroom will be. Don't give the panel just a few words… they may be using a checklist to see how many items you mention. Plus, as a teacher, you should be very excited about this question and be able to speak for a while, but limit the response to two minutes.

Your response must provide them with an idea of how nurturing and inviting your classroom will be to students. Come up with some creative decorating ideas, making sure
they are student-centered. You could also mention a huge welcome sign, the daily schedule, age-appropriate posters, name tags for students, labeled desks (how will they be
arranged?) and lockers, a list of class rules/consequences/rewards, and other labeled areas (e.g., the classroom library, manipulative storage, computer area), etc. Or, mention that you might invite parents and students to visit the classroom the day before school
starts, with the administrator's permission. If you have a portfolio with have pictures of other first days of school, this is a great chance to share them with the panel.

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