Principal Job Interview Questions:

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► Have you served as a principal before? If, so what grade level schools (elementary, middle, high)? How many years?
► What was the test performance of the students in your schools? State tests, National test?
► Describe your average daily routine in percents by the following: Discipline, buses, lunchroom, classroom visits, parent conferences, staff meetings, building and grounds, paperwork/reports, meetings outside of school.
► What role do parents play in your school? Give specific examples.
► What is the function of the PTA/PTO in your school?
► What is the function of the School Council in your school?
► How do you recruit teachers?
► How do you keep parents informed?
► Describe your style of leadership and give examples.
► How would you handle a situation where a parent wants her child removed from a particular teacher's classroom; however, the teacher wants the child to stay?
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