Secondary Junior School Teacher Questions:

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► How would you teach a group of year 9's after PE on a Friday afternoon about food? How would you teach the same group if there was a large difference in ability i.e. very bright children to children barely able to read and write?
► What differences are there between university and school education?
► What is the role of the Teaching Assistant in the classroom?
► Asked how I would use the things I learnt in my degree in a classroom.
► How would you place students in the classroom? Do you think this has any relevance to effective learning?
► What do you understand by the term 'teaching methods'? Why is this an important consideration?
► When did you first come to Britain? (I'm from France).
► How are your studies going?
► Do I enjoy studying?
► Through undertaking your course and reflecting on the teaching methods used, what have you learnt which will influence your own teaching methods?
► Can I use the research involved in my MA when I do PGCE?
► What could a PGCE bring me?
► What are you most looking forward to teaching?
► How have you prepared for the interview?
► What would I do with a class of disinterested fifteen year olds to keep them interested.
► How would you track your students' progress, and do you feel it is important to do this?
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