3. Explain about Jaipur city

jaipur the capital of rajasthan is popularly known as the
pink city,because of the colour of the stone used
exclusively in the walled city, the bustling bazaars of
jaipur, famous for rajasthani jewellery, fabric and shoes,
possess a timeless quality and are surely a treasure -
trove for the shoppers.

4. Give the synonyms of the following words
(i) Joy
(ii) Inert
(iii) Jolly

Joy: emotion of great happiness
Inert: neutral
Jolly: merry, high spirited

5. What is d difference between d goal and aim?

goal is the outcome you want, aim is about the trajectory,
and goal about the destination. Some examples...
My goal is to answer this question, so I aim to explain
myself clearly.


uninterrepted power suply

7. how to introduce our self?

Hello sirmadam....
I'm adam .I am doing my B.sc in JBAS college
I'm from chennai.
I did my Hsc in RMGHSS and I did my sslc in the same school.

8. Explain what is html?

HyperText Markup Language.
just designing a web page..