1. What type of government does the United States have?

1. Monarchy
2. Democracy
3. Dictatorship
4. Theocracy
5. Oligarchy

Answer: B

2. If 200 jobs are available and only 100 people are unemployed, what will have to happen according to the laws of supply and demand?

1. Companies needing employees will need to increase pay
2. Companies needing employees will need to decrease pay
3. Companies needing employees will need to reduce benefits
4. Companies needing employees will need to fire workers
5. The laws of supply and demand do not apply to this situation

Answer: A

3. If a drought severely reduces the amount of corn available to consumers, what would you expect to happen?

1. The supply of corn would go up
2. The demand for corn would go down
3. The price of corn would stay the same
4. The price of corn would go down
5. The price of corn would go up

Answer: E

4. Women, such as Susan B. Anthony, fought for suffrage and were finally successful in 1920. What does suffrage mean?

1. Right to free speech
2. Right to get an education
3. Right to vote
4. Right to work
5. Right to get divorced

Answer: C

5. What does the acronym NAFTA stand for?

1. North American Federal Tariff Association
2. North African Free Trade Agreement
3. Non-American Final Territory Agreement
4. North American Free Tariff Agreement
5. North American Free Trade Agreement

Answer: D

7. Which of the following match the definition: The pressure (P) is inversely proportional to the volume (V) of a gas.

1. Archimedes' principle
2. Charles' law
3. Boyle's law
4. Anderson's principle

Answer: C

8. A Lewis acid is a/an ____ pair acceptor.

1. Neutron
2. Proton
3. Electron
4. Ion

Answer: C

9. Vinegar is also known as:

1. Acetic acid
2. Acetone acid
3. Sulfuric acid
4. Ascorbic acid

Answer: A

10. The symbol Br on the periodic table stands for:

1. Beryllium
2. Boron
3. Barium
4. Bromine

Answer: D

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