1. WASL Sample Writing Questions

Imagine you can travel anywhere you would like in whole world. Tell your teacher the story of what happens. Do you find any surprises?
For a school newspaper article entitled "Pets," tell about your favorite pet. Then explain as completely as you can why you think that pet is your favorite.
Compose a letter to convince your principal of changes needed to improve the school grounds: buildings, playground, equipment, plantings, or something similar at your school. Include some paragraphs on how students might be able to help with these needed changes.
Write a letter to a good friend about an intriguing or unusual person who has changed your life in some way. Explain why this person has had an impact on you.
What idea has most influenced your life? Explain.
What is the most critical moral, ethical, or social problem facing America?
Describe your ideal of the honorable person. Feel free to use examples.
Discuss briefly the one or two extracurricular, work or community activities that have meant the most to you.
Write a brief essay of 200-500 words on any topic of direct personal importance to you.
If you were given the opportunity to spend an evening with any one person, living, deceased, or fictional, whom would you choose and why?