1. Tell me what is peachtree premium accounting for construction?

Sage software's release of peachtree premium accounting for Construction is customized specifically for the needs of subcontractors, contractors and operations managers in the construction industry. Small construction companies and individual contractors both use construction industry-specific functions like job costing, fixed assets tracking, progress billing and advanced budgeting to control costs, track expenses and organize billing. Peachtree also makes industry specific versions for accountants, distributors, manufacturers and non-profit organizations.

2. What are the tasks which are managed by peachtree?

Peachtree enables comptrollers and managers to automate and manage numerous accounting tasks, like:
☛ Reconciling accounts payable and receivable.
☛ Creating financial statements, check invoices.
☛ Tracking banking transfers and payroll.
☛ Importing and manipulating spreadsheets.
☛ Integrating scanned documents like checks, receipts and invoices, eliminating paper from the accounting process.

3. How would you remove peachtree version 5.0?

Follow these steps to delete Peachtree 5.0. (Do not use Windows Uninstall to delete Peachtree):
☛ Using Windows Explorer, delete the paw50.ini file. This is located in your windows directory: c:windowspaw50.ini.
☛ Using Windows Explorer, delete the path where Peachtree is installed: c:pttrial is the default.
☛ Empty your recycle bin.
☛ Turn off your computer for 30 seconds.
☛ Restart your computer.
☛ Install Peachtree the Peachtree CD. You should be able to do a "Standard" install. If you do not get a "Standard" install option, you did not delete the two files shown in instruction 1 and 2.

4. Can peachtree manage your accounts payable without affecting the general ledger?

Yes, your company is initially set up, in Peachtree, you can select either the accrual or cash basis of accounting. If set up on the cash basis, you can enter vendor invoices when they are received without affecting the general ledger. The general ledger is affected only when the invoice is paid. This same principal applies to customer invoices as well. This feature permits the user to let the system help manage accounts receivable.

5. Which peachtree product is cheaper if your company has several computers?

If you have 2 or 3 computers, you may buy a copy of "Peachtree Complete" for each computer. However, if you have 3 or more computers connected in a network, the "Peachtree Complete Value Pack" will be the best choice.

6. How can you correct it, if you get file system error 54?

From our experience, when you face file system error 35 while using Peachtree, probably it is caused by the fact that the Peachtree data folder is not available. Here is how to troubleshoot this problem.
Troubleshooting file systerm error 35 on a network:
☛ Check if you can browse the network and you have sufficient user rights for the Peachtree data folder.
☛ Check if you have mapped the Peachtree data as a network drive like P:, make sure P: is present. Otherwise, you need to map the network drive again.

7. How can you correct it if you get an error code 430 when starting a wizard application?

In most cases a required component was not registered during installtion or during the application update.
To correct this you need to:
☛Restart the computer
☛Close any applications opened on start up.
☛Open Windows Explorer.
☛In the Application Folder double click on the first DLL (If you do not see the 'dll' extension look at the section below) file.
☛If the 'Open With' window pops up click on Other and then select the C:WindowsSystemregsvr32.exe
(If you can not find this file click regsvr32.exe.)
☛Put a check mark next to 'Always use this program to open this type of file.'.
☛Select the regsvr32 or Microsoft Register Server file from the list. Click Ok.
☛The message box should say 'succeeded.' then click OK.
☛Double Click on all files that end with dll except wizsys.dll.
☛Restart the Computer.
If you can not see the file extensions:
☛From Windows Explorer, Click on View, Folder Options.
☛Click on the View Tab.
☛Under Hidden Files: Click next to Show All Files.
☛Remove the check mark next to 'Hide file extensions for known file types.'
☛Click Ok

8. Can peachtree track inventory using the FIFO costing method?

Yes. Peachtree supports FIFO, LIFO and average costing for inventory items.

9. Tell me can peachtree help you track costs on your projects?

In the peachtree products, job tracking is a standard feature. Peachtree Complete, Time & Billing has a more detailed job costing features, which allows phase and cost codes.

10. How would you display account names when you print or display reports?

You can set a filter option so that journal reports add a column for an account name.
Follow these steps to add an account name to the Cash Disbursements Journal:
☛ Open one of your Peachtree companies. From the menu bar, click on Reports, Accounts Payable, highlight the Cash Disbursements Journal, then click on the Screen icon.
☛ Click on the "Fields" tab. Scroll down the list, until you see "GL Account Description." Click on the box to put a check mark in it. Then, click on OK. The Cash Disbursements Journal displays with an additional column for "Account Description."
☛ Use these steps for other reports. Once you click on the "Fields" tab after selecting either Screen or Print, you will be able to add a "GL Description" for most reports.

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