2. Is Ireland part of Great Britain?

Ireland and Great Britain are the two largest islands among a group of islands off the north-west coast of mainland Europe.

3. What is the capital of Paraguay?

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, usually called Asunción, is the capital of Paraguay

5. What are names of the dams on river Nile?

The major Nile dams are the Aswan High Dam, the Owen Falls Dam, the Sennar Dam and the Rosires Dam.

6. How many hours of daylight exist on the equator?

The equator is unique in that it has 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night every day of the year.

7. What are the fastest growing states in population?

There is an interesting article by demographer Michael Barone that appeared recently in the online version of the Wall Street Journal. He describes in some detail how some cities and states are gaining and losing people.

8. What are conventional symbols?

Conventional Symbols are symbols that are used on maps to represent different features.

9. Why is it warmer in winter near the equator than it is in summer at the North Pole?

Because of the way the earth is tilting when its summer

The "TOP" of the earth is always leaning away from the sun, winter or summer

In addition, the sun's rays hit the equator at a more direct angle that at the Poles.

10. Which New England State does not border the Atlantic Ocean?

Vermont. New Hampshire comes close with only 18 miles of coastline.

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