1. Tell us what is your greatest strength as Physical education teacher position?

This could be a very simple question if you are prepared for it. You just have to talk about the strengths that you know would be of value to the company.

2. Explain me what kind of "new PE" do you plan on bringing to our District?

I would like to introduce a new type of physical education that increases the amount of technology available to students in order to improve their overall learning experience. Technology is a great way for me to save time as a teacher to further student activity time or create the ability to provide feedback to students on their performance.

3. Explain me what are the top 3 goals of your physical education program?

☛ 1) Students take the skills and abilities learned in physical education class and apply it outside of school and throughout their lives

☛ 2) Students are moderate to physically active at least 50% of the class period

☛ 3) I want to create a positive and encouraging learning environment in which collaboration is emphasized rather than competition and students are able to see and experience success through valid and reliable assessment.

4. As you know we are interviewing a number of other candidates for this position. Why should we hire you? As opposed to someone else?

To me this is a dream job. Growing up locally in Wyomissing I've always wanted to live in the area as an adult and this opportunity would be perfect. I've had the fortune of working with Governor Mifflin students at the Intermediate School and High School and I've come to really enjoy both the staff and students in your District. I've worked hard to become the best possible physical education teacher candidate that I can be and will continue to grow and develop as a professional. Just beginning my career, I believe I can be an asset to your school district for a long period of time. I've been fortunate to learn from great professors and teachers and I hope I can be afforded the opportunity to help the next generation to grow, develop and be physically active over their lifetime.

5. Explain me what do you need to work on the most as a PE teacher?

One aspect that I would like to improve on would be my ability to make a class more individualized for students. My goal is for all of my students to take what they have learned in PE class and apply it in their own lives outside of school. I always want to reach as many students as possible individually so that students leave the Elementary School with a foundation of skills and abilities that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

6. Tell us how do you handle discipline problems? What are your classroom management strategies? What do you do to minimize discipline problems?

When it comes to discipline of the students, I prefer to get to know the students and form a relationship with all of my students. By developing a relationship and establishing a rapport with the student(s), I can talk to the student about an issue in the event that there is a disciplinary issue. I prefer to reward students for good behavior rather than only punishing those who misbehave. I like to try to get to the bottom of what may be causing the issue rather than just giving the student a punishment. For example, if a student begins arguing with another student during class, I can begin the activity for the rest of the class and call each of the students over individually and talk to them. I would ask them if they are doing ok or if they are having a bad day, and if so I would address the issue that is bothering them or have the school counselor come in if the issue is serious enough. I would emphasize and encourage them to make good decisions about their behavior and being positive with one another. I would make sure that they are aware that I believe that they are not a "bad kid" and I believe in them and think they can make good decisions. By focusing on cooperation in class rather than competition, this can help strengthen the bonds of classmates and result in students being able to bettter work together in the future.

7. Tell us do you prefer teaching at the elementary or secondary level in Physical Education?

I enjoy teaching at both levels. Each level has their own benefits that I very mich enjoy. I think particularly at the Elementary level, I have the benefit of working with a group of very enthusiastic students. It is important to keep students active and engaged in activities in order to optimally benefit the students in the class.

8. As you know our school is focusing on integration throughout the curriculum. How do you see physical education fitting into this?

It is important for me as a physical education teacher to be in contact with classroom teachers to get an idea of what students are learning in their classes in order to integrate that into my curriculum.

For example, while at the Intermediate School during student teaching I was able to create a fitness lesson plan that integrated knowledge students had of the geographic locations of states around the United States. Similar to the TV Show "The Amazing Race" students would travel from state to state performing exercises at each state (states were set up as they would be on a map throughout the gymnasium)

9. Tell me as Physical education teacher position, what is the most difficult situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?

The reason why you are asked this question is to hear what you consider difficult and how you approached the situation. Select a difficult work situation, which wasn't caused by you and can be explained in a few sentences. You can then show yourself in a positive light by explaining how you handled the situation.

10. Tell us how do you feel about the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in your classes? Are you open to this and do you have experience with this?

I am open to the idea of including individuals with disabilities into my classes but I think they would have a greater benefit from having an adapted physical education course. I say this because in an adapted physical education course, this student would have more individual attention and would have activities that are better suited and designed for the student's disability. Depending on the student's disability, a student may benefit from being in a traditional physical education class but it would depend on what would be best for the student according to their IEP.

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